Which is your favorite?

The Doctor (any one you want) vs. Sherlock Holmes (book or movie) vs. James Bond
For me, James Bond is immediately out of the running. He's just not a compelling character--one-dimensional and sexist, in my opinion. I far preferred the movie Sherlock Holmes to the book, because the book Holmes had no humanity. He was just a brain attached to a body. And he put everyone else down. But the movie Holmes was both brilliant and human. I can't really decide between the 9th and 10th Doctors and movie Holmes--they were all so funny and clever. 

Gandalf vs. Dumbledore vs. Brom (from Eragon) 

I didn't really like Brom, but that's not entirely his fault, because by the time he came around, that type of character was already a cliche. He was a little too gruff, though. I prefer Dumbledore to Gandalf, because I felt Gandalf was just too powerful and lacked humanity. But for the role he played in the series, I liked him. Also, Tolkien had a gift for naming people. I far prefer "Gandalf" to just about any other powerful wizardly mentor name I've seen.

Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Robin Hood (any version you like) vs. The Man in Black (from The Princess Bride)

Captain Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite fictional male characters, for many of the same reasons that I love movie Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor. So he wins this one for me. The Man in Black is a close second, and he might have won but for the fact that he's actually Westley, who becomes who he is for completely sappy reasons. I like Robin Hood too (and in fact, in one of his incarnations, he's played by the same guy who plays Westley) but in many of his incarnations, he lacks the wit that makes characters so great. I'm comparing them because they're all anti-heroes, but I know they have very different motivations.

Severus Snape vs. Prince Septimus of Stormhold (Stardust, movie version) vs. Lord Blackwood (Sherlock Holmes movie)

Septimus and Blackwood are actually played by the same guy, so maybe this is an unfair comparison. I preferred Septimus, for no readily apparent reason, but in both characters, I love how cold they were. It was something beyond normal evil. It was a kind of single-minded psychopathy. Being the HP maniac I am, I prefer Snape to Blackwood, and objectively speaking, he should probably beat Septimus too, because he's more three-dimensional, but...I just completely love Septimus as a character. And when I say that, I mean the movie version. I felt the book version was kind of washed-out. He didn't speak that much, so I couldn't feel the same chill that the movie version gave off.

Hermione Granger vs. Rose Tyler vs. Eowyn

Another HP character, another Doctor Who character, and another LotR character. I would have put Luna Lovegood instead of Hermione, but we all know she'd blow everyone else out of the water. Hermione is definitely better than Rose, because she's brilliant yet vulnerable, always someone you can relate to. And she keeps the boys in their places. Without her, they'd be screwed. Rose is pretty cool, but she does stupid things sometimes. And she falls for the Doctor, who's about nine centuries old. That's kind of gross. In fact, that's worse than Edward/Bella, because he was only 100 years old or so. (Okay, okay, that was uncalled for. Dr. Who > Twilight any day.) I love the LotR fandom, and Eowyn is probably Tolkien's best female character. Most of the time, Tolkien's characters lack humanity, but Eowyn is one seriously kick-ass lady. I can't really decide between Hermione and Eowyn for this one.

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The Doctor (any one you want) vs. Sherlock Holmes (book or movie) vs. James Bond

This is a bit difficult. I'm not too familiar with Holmes but I'm going to have to go with him. I've been meaning to watch the BBC/PBS version of it but I've been caught to much up in The Sopranos, The Wire and Terriers lately to bother. However I despise James Bond (although I enjoys comedic versions of himself like Archer) and the only doctor I can stand is Christopher Eccleston (I actually liked him a lot) but his series was pretty stupid nevertheless. Farting aliens? Jesus that was hard to sit through. I never actually watched his last episode.

Gandalf vs. Dumbledore vs. Brom (from Eragon)

I don't read that many children's books but minus the annoying fan-base I like Harry Potter. Never finished the series though. Oh well, Gandalf kicks the shit out of everyone.

Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Robin Hood (any version you like) vs. The Man in Black (from The Princess Bride)

If I can pick any version of Robin Hood I pick Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Now its been a while since the first Pirates but I remember liking Jack Sparrow but the movie was at best a B. The other Pirates movies sucked, hard. So does anything involving Princesses. Robin Hood all the way!

Severus Snape vs. Prince Septimus of Stormhold (Stardust, movie version) vs. Lord Blackwood (Sherlock Holmes movie)

I picked Holmes earlier but I did NOT mean that awful Robert Downy Jr movie or its even worse sequel. I hate that movie and I've never seen Stardust so Snape wins for no other reason that I've read Harry Potter and I hate Lord Blackwood and his stupid plot. 

Hermione Granger vs. Rose Tyler vs. Eowyn

Hermione was so annoying early on in her existence that she can never redeem herself entirely in my eyes. Rose Tyler is preferable, and at times I liked her but I don't think she's much without Christopher Eccleston backing her up. The acting in Doctor Who (especially during the first series of the reboot) is commonly less than stale or wooden. The scripts are likely the main cause of this but still, while I liked her in a few episodes quite a bit (Father's Day) I found her less than likable in some others. Eowyn wins.

So basically I'm such a hateful person that the character I hated the least (instead of liked the most) usually won even if I really know next to nothing about them (Holmes).

I'm always surprised by how few people like Eccleston. I personally love Doctor Who, but I understand your distaste. The farting aliens did seem too silly. I think Eccleston was awesome. And I love Men in Tights too.

Alien vs. Predator vs. Chris Hansen.



Maybe both


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