Fictional Crushes, and what they say about us...

Long story short, I was reading the other day, when a few things occurred to me. The first, being that I seem to have a pretty decently sized list of Fictional Crushes. The second, being that there must be a logical reason why I like these fantastical men. And that maybe, by looking into who these characters are, I can figure out...something...

1. Aragorn (LotR)
2. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games trilogy)
3. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
4. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
5. Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter)
6. Owen (Just Listen)
7. Alcide Hervaux (The Sookie Stackhouse books)

After a bit of thought, I've come to the conclusion that I like softies, with rough around the edges exteriors. I like brown hair, and guys who are either a.) surprisingly strong, or b.) exceptionally sarcastic. Also, in terms of literature, I'm easily won over when a character is willing to fight to the death for someone...

Anyway, what are your fictional crushes? And what patterns can you find?

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Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

Alaska Young (Looking For Alaksa)

Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)


The only pattern I notice is that they were all de-humanized.

1. Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)

2. Rory Williams (Doctor Who)

3. Sherlock Holmes (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)

4. Mr. Knightley (Emma)


So... they're either really smart/magical/mysterious or just plain sweet.

Seamus Finnigan (Harry Potter)
Alby (The Maze Runner)
Minho (The Maze Runner)
Klaus Baudelaire (A Series Of Unfortunate Events)
Scipio Massimo (The Thief Lord)

I seem to like witty characters who have a lot of power (with the exception of Seamus, I only like him because he's a Gryffindor and his accent makes me melt).

Dennys and Sandy  (many waters)

Capital Will Grayson (Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

Alistair (The Name of the Star...though I realize he is dead...) 

Kent (Before I Fall)

Scott Pilgrim 

Micheal (Princess Diaries)

Can't help but have a love/hate relationship with Will Herondale (Clockwork Angel)

Yes...Jace too (CoB)

Bod (The Graveyard Book)

Garion (Pawn of Prophecy) 

Will (His Dark Materials)

Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)

Ian! (The Host)

Stuart (The Jubilee Express)

Ron (HP)

Patch (Hush, Hush)

Simon (The Girl's Guide to Defeating the Dark Lord) 


I found I wide range...I'm going to say mostly brown/dark hair, other than that...I guess they're all pretty nice? A little bit dark and mysterious, a little bit total nerd.  Not a whole lot of connections.

Conclusion: I need to get out more 


Here are some of my fictional crushes, some are from movies or TV shows so perhaps I’m cheating a little!

Cross Sugarman (Prep)

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

Dr. House (House MD)

Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko)

There are so many more but I’m having a bit of a mental block at the moment. I guess I’m into the dark, tragic, intellectual type haha? Other than Cross Sugarman of course, they fit together quite well other than Cross, no idea why I’m into him…

Man there are so many.  Lately my fictional crushes are

- Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games Trilogy.  My heart yearned for what he was going through by the 3rd book, and I just wanted to hug him so bad! lol

- Patch from the Hush, Hush Saga.  I love everything about him.

-Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural.  I'm more of a Dean girl because he has the tough exterior but you know he's a softy on the inside.  When something bad happens I want to hug him and be there for him too lol.

My friend and I are hosts on a podcast and we've been trying to schedule with some of our friends to do one with a discussion about our fictional loves.  Such a fun topic :c)

My list includes

1. Neville Longbottom- He's always the underdog, yet he has incredible strength

2.Seth (Twilight)- his character is just so cute and lovable

3. Ben (also Twilight)- All of my friends called me Angela in middle school and I fell in love with her bf (How could they not put him in the movie?)

4. Johnny Cade (The Outsiders)- another underdog

5. Snape at the end of the HP books- his complete love for Lily is touching

6. Calvin O'Keefe (a Wrinkle in Time)- a boy with a heart of gold and loves Meg completely

7.Zach Goode (Gallager Girls)- at the end, heart in molten state (read the books and you'll understand why)

8. Scherlock Holmes- intelligent, helpful to those in need, and just all around amazing

9. JP Reynolds-Albernathy IV (Princess Diaries books)- He is so perfect for the book version of Mia...

10. Dean Thomas (HP)- I don't know why but I was so excited when he randomly showed up in the last book


Conclusion- I like guys with guilded hearts, or ones that are totally in love

Simon Tam (Firefly)

Merlin (Merlin)

Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Rory Williams (Doctor Who)

Apparently I like woobies.

1) Neville Longbottom. Love him so much.

2) Benvolio from Romeo and Juliet. The only guy that was able to hold it together. Especially from the Zefirelli adaptation, when he's a total book nerd.)

3) Briar from the Circle of Magic books by Tamora Pierce

4) George from the Tortall Realm books by Tamora Pierce

5) Darcy (though in my imagination I could never reconcile myself with the idea that one of our kids might might end up with the name Fitzwilliam jr.)

6) The 10th Doctor. Just can't leave him off one of these lists.

So many others who have come and gone throughout the years. I didn't bother to list them, but pretty much all heroes of the Joseph Campbell  vein will make my heart melt at some point during their journey. Judging from this list though, my number one is often the sweet but strong secondary character.

I forgot the Artful Dodger! My younger self found him very attractive.

Augustas Waters. :)

1. Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

2. Sherlock (...Sherlock)

3. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

There are others, but my brain is all fuzzy right now so I can't readily think of them. But so far the trend seems to point to, unsurprisingly, intelligent men who are upwards of thirty years old.


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