Women in the United States are still paid less than men for doing the SAME JOB.  For every dollar a man makes a woman only makes $0.77.  Not only do single mothers suffer but entire families are being screwed by businesses!  This not only affects paychecks but the Social Security and retirement of women. 
Don't think that this is something that is old and done with, the most recent and public case of pay discrimination ended in 2006 and new legislation that was created ONLY LAST YEAR has yet to be passed into law (!

Yes, there was a law passed forty-five years ago but that law requires that a person report any problems in pay in the first six months of employment only.  To make matters worse employees have NO PROTECTION WHEN DISCUSSING SALARY so many lips remain sealed and thus injustice occurs.

A new law that has already passed the House of Representatives needs your help in the Senate!  Talk to your Senators and spread the word to your family and friends.


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