I've just had a huge blow out with my friend. I couldn't pay attention in my family studies class because of the texts she was sending me
This all started in June, well end of June. She decided that she wanted to do another activity during the summer since our karate club doesn't run through the summer. So she decides on Kung Fu.
Mean while, I'm planning on going to my Grade's grad, I didn't finish the year with them (but that's another long and involved story) but I've known some of these people since grade two. So I shoot her off a text, and this is pretty much how the text conversation went.
ME: Hey, I'm going grad dress shopping, would really like it if you would come, if you can't thats okay.
FRIEND: Well I'm just getting home from work and I have a half hour apointment to go to right now but maybe after that.
ME: Sounds good, we were just going to get something to eat anyways.
FRIEND: Oh wait I was going to try that Kung fu place tonight, I'll let you know.
ME: Just tell me what's going on.
FRIEND: I'll meet you at St. V
ME: Sweet. Have a good appointment.
FRIEND: I can't go I'm going to Kung Fu tonight. Sorry.
Me: Fine.
Now, see, she led me to believe that she was coming. This grad thing was fairly important to me. and she ditched me for a trial kung fu lesson (that goes on every single day of the week I may add).

So things like this continue through out the summer. Oh I forgot to mention, she worked full time during the week and I worked random shifts and a banquet hall on weekends. So seeing each other was difficult.
ANYWAYS she would blow me off randomly throughout the summer. Once we finally had a sleep over and the next day she tells me I have to leave by 2 because she has to go to kung fu. Thanks for the heads up. It's not just about Kung Fu, it's mostly about her immaturity. Like how her, my other friend and I were going to watch Twilight together and just laugh at it together (all three of us hate Twilight). Well her dad rents several movies every single friday, and one day he brings home Twilight. So she and her dad watch it. So understandably we were mad. I'm pretty sure her 50 year old father isn't too bent on watching Twilight.
So finally I mention something to her that she has to take it easy now that school's started and maybe have one evening to herself. She goes to karate monday, then kung fu tuesday, wensday thrusday, friday. She gets all defensive about it. So we start texting.
Bascially after almost 2 solid hours of back and forth texting, she makes me sound like it's me being selfish and inconsiderate. Now as I sit here and type this she's texting me and attacking me.

She's my best friend in the entire world. I don't want to lose her but she's incredbily immature even though she's 19 years old and acts like she is. She actually doesn't know how to cope with real life situations.

Fighting with a best friend=major world suck

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I've had a similar thing happen.
All I can tell you is that you should not say anything mean to your friend. They're ditching you, they're attacking you. Do not ditch them back or attack them back. Keep silent. Stay a good friend to them. If they ever want to clear their schedule to hang out with you, fine. Stop asking things of them, though if all it's going to do is hurt your feelings.
Romans 12:17-18 "Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone."
If they never call you for anything, just let that be that. It sucks, but it's better to let a friendship fade away than to let it end in rage and regrets.

Sorry you're going through this.
Stop minding things that bother you. It works wonders.
I don't understand how she's being immature. She's just living her life, doing things she enjoys, filling her days with the things she chooses. Sucks that she's blowing you off, I guess, but you being mad at her all the time isn't going to make hanging out with you anymore desirable.


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