Hey! I wanted to start a thread where film buff's can discus their favorite films, directors, genres, etc.

I was thinking that people could post a little something about their favorite film or director, trying to convince others why it is particularly awesome.  I'm a total film junkie, so understand that it is very difficult to pick one favorite, so you don't have to narrow it down to just one film.  

I was thinking that people could start off by sharing a bit about themselves, if they have ever studied film, how they picked it up as a hobby, what particular styles or directors interest them, etc.  This doesn't necessarily have to be a purely analytical discussion, anyone is welcome to chime in.

Hopefully there are other film geeks out there in Nerdfighteria...

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I figure I should start off...

I'm Lena and I'm a lit major, but I also study film. I took an intro class my first semester and really enjoyed it, so I've stuck with it. It's hard to pick a favorite, as I mentioned above, but I have to say that I am a huge fan of Terry Gilliam's work. Aside from what he did with Monty Python (which is, of course, brilliant), his films are visually stunning, with epic sets and costumes, and unusual, often existential themes.

One of my personal favorites is "Brazil". While it is certainly flawed in many ways, I think it is a fascinatingly thought provoking film. It is also particularly interesting to watch it now, 25 years after it was released, to see how eerily it predicted (obviously in a distorted and impressionistic way) certain governmental and societal downturns. For example, the rampant consumerism and the unsavory police interrogation tactics.

Okay, so I've just babbled on for a few sentences about why I think Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" is the bees knees, anyone have any thoughts? Agreements? Critiques? Please feel totally comfortable disagreeing with my opinions, I promise not to take it personally.

Hopefully some of you have actually seen the film, so this post makes some sense... or, if not, you can just post something about a film you like and see where the discussion goes from there!
Well my favorite writer/director person would have to be George Lucas. I'm a giant fan of Star Wars and the thing I love most about him is that he is a story teller. I'll admit he isn't the greatest writer, but he is one of the best story tellers. He had an idea that was very original and he made the audience feel like they truly entered another world.
I think I have more mixed feelings about Lucas than about any other filmmaker. I mean, he created the original Star Wars movies, including the whole galaxy and history. But then he had to go rape all the meaning and originality out of the franchise by making the abominable prequels... Now I'll admit that I loved them when they came out (come on, I was 8 when Phantom Menace came out), and I still think Episodes II and III are pretty fun scifi movies. But the way Lucas completely betrays the values and stories he created with the originals with the obviously desperate commercial cash-grab that is the prequel trilogy is just shameful, especially for anyone who wants to be remembered as an "artist".

But I'm not of the belief, as many people seem to be, that one bad sequel/prequel (or even three) spoils the original. Like I said, I still kind of like AOTC and ROTS, but mostly I just try to detach them from the original trilogy, thus preserving the meaning and awesome of episodes IV-VI. Also, this turned out much longer than I intended...
I have to agree with you that the prequels, while pretty bad, do not ruin the integrity of the original trilogy. I do think that they have a less than positive effect on the overall career of George Lucas. While they may not contaminate the original three, they certainly do change the way that I view Lucas's overall work as a film maker.

And don't worry about super long posts, my first post was practically a short essay...
Lucas is past his prime. Yes the original three were amazing, and yes the last three were "fun movies," but not good "films."

I think I judge Lucas based on THX 1138 and American Graffiti. Put together, these two films seem to come from two completely different writers. That is the genius of Lucas, in my opinion. Like Cavalier said, it is impossible to discredit his story telling ability.

THX 1138 is one of my favorite movies. It has been mimicked a thousand times over, but nothing can beat the stark aloneness that Lucas' film portrays in its intense world of dystopia.
I've never actually seen THX 1138, but after your recommendation I watched the trailer and it looks really neat I love a good dystopian story, don't you? I said that jokingly at first, but then I realized that many of my favorite films (Brazil, The Trial, 12 Monkeys) definitely fit into that category...
shouldn't this be in "entertainment"?
Yeah, you're probably right... Is there a way to change that?
Yeah I think so, just go to the top and I think there is a edit discussion or something.
mission accomplished. Thanks guys!
You're welcome, and remember when in doubt it is always okay to put it in Uncatogorized.
Someone called me a film buff at a party last Saturday. ... but at least I can discuss their merits with someone. ... but for my money, the connecting thread is the performance of Enzo ... Who is your favorite director of all time?
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