Hello everyone,

I just finished looking at my SAT scores and I'm not sure what to make of them. It's my first time and all so I'm not sure how well (or horrible) I actually did. In total I got a 1590: Reading 590, Math 460, and Writing 540. That math is pretty weak but I'm not worried about that (I completely forgot about the test until the day before and kind of neglected to study for anything really ... pretty stupid I know). Surprisingly enough math is my best subject (despite what this test says) however I haven't had a "proper" math class for about a year. Next year I'll be in AP Calculus BC and I'm (or will be) taking AP Statistics over the summer; I'm going to be reviewing over Algebra and other proper mathematics all summer as well. I seem to have gone off the original topic. Sorry about that. I've been searching around on the internet and reading about first time testers getting 1800s and 2000s which is kind of making me nervous. For a first time SATer without any studying how did I do? 

I plan on retaking the next SAT in October.

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This is you:

I'll be honest, you aren't going to get into any prestigious schools with your scores. I'm going to use Texas schools as an example because that's what I know. Texas Tech (Tier 2 school in Texas) requires at least a 1140 on your math+reading section if you're in the top quarter of your graduating class to guarantee admission. You would have almost no chance of getting into the Tier 1 schools in Texas (University of Texas, Texas A&M, and Rice). With a 1050 combined math and reading, you barely meet the 1000 minimum required for the University of Houston. You would be able to get into Texas State as long as you are in the top 50% of you graduating class.

College board has a pretty nifty tool to let you compare your scores to specific universities ranges of scores. You just have to search for a university you're interested in and then update your scores on the right and it will plot you against the university's typical scores.

You can take the SAT as many times as you want and most schools will take a composite score from you. For example you make a reading 500, math 560, writing 570 on the next test you take. Most universities will take your score to be reading 590, math 560, writing 570. Good luck with your studying. You might check with your high school if they have any free SAT studying material/tutoring you could participate in.
OH! I know with these scores I won't get anywhere near a college like Harvard or Princeton. These scores aren't something I'm proud of but under the circumstances (I had to be dragged out of bed by my feet before my car pool got me to the testing center and I was incredibly nervous) they are adequate until my next test in October (hurray for not waiting to take the SAT in my senior year). Then I shall beast the SAT with a perfect score (delusion of grandeur).

Unfortunately the only "free" help that my school provides is an SAT/ACT Prep that I can take next year. That isn't going to happen since 1. I plan on finishing my SAT/ACT testing by October and 2. I'm not sacrificing an AP class (six of them next year) for a class that doesn't give me any credit. They did send me some links to a few website which should help.

Thanks for the links.
I've only taken it once, and as a Junior, and my scores were:

Reading: 690
Math: 640
Writing: 650
(blech but only an 8 on the essay. That portion was so stressful.)

Good luck in your studying! DFTBA
A lot of my friends at my school (which is college preparatory, by the way) insist on "breaking 2000" their first try. I don't know what's been going through their minds, honestly, because most of them have been prepping for months on end, even with special courses (and they're taking maximum APs and honors courses), and don't even break 1800. I think the main thing is that many people need to take it more than once. If you're not used to the pressure, of course it will be difficult. I have yet to take it my first time (I'm taking it on June 5), but my overachieving friends are already depressed, even though they shouldn't be. I'm sure the second time you take it, knowing your weaknesses and improving your skills, you will do much better! Also, I would recommend taking the ACT for sure, because people who don't do as well on the SAT sometimes do better on the ACT.
God, I can't tell you how nervous I would have been aiming for a 2,000 on my first try. 1600 was the minimum (although I didn't rule out the possibility of a 1400 since I hadn't studied for the test) I was striving for and I was ten points away; I'm not happy or satisfied with that score but it's acceptable for now. Now that I've taken it and calmed myself down (because I was super nervous) I'm positive that even if I didn't study for the test in October I will do better. It's actually not that hard of a test. I bet when I get my full report back I'll notice a lot places where I double guessed myself. Unfortunately I chose a bad time to take the SAT (never schedule an SAT test and AP exams within a week of each other; next year is going to be even tougher if I'm stupid enough to pull that again).

Yeah I plan on taking the ACT (I just met the late registration deadline :P). I've got a little less than a month of studying and I'm expecting to get anywhere between a 25 to 30 although I'm aiming for a 34 or higher.

I wish you well on your first SAT.
I got a 1700 on my first try, so you're pretty normal.


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