EDIT: We need a new fifth. Aly had to drop. Pwease?????? It's the Friday or wednesday spot, whichever yoy prefer

Here is our channel linkkkk

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Yeah, this sounds like a really cool idea!
I'm definitely interested.
Message me if you want! :)
if we never get started maybe we could start a Maggie channel haha.
Haha yes, that would be epic!
I'll be a part of this one!
kay. just comment me with the basics. yoyu know interests, etc.
My name is Maggie and I am 19 years old. I live in Lexington Kentucky. I like reading, playing musical instruments, making videos, shopping, playing board games lots of other things that I can't think of at the moment :]] My favorite books are ones by John Green, Harry Potter and lots of other fiction and fantasy books. My favorite movies are anything from Tim Burton, but especially The Nightmare Before Christmas. I also love Moulin Rouge and many others. The list is really too long. My favorite shows are Survivor, House, CSI Fringe and Eleventh Hour. If there is anything else you want to know about be just ask :]]
Can't wait to be part of the channel
You are me! Well, with regards to films and books and interests at any rate. I'm your English counterpart!
I'm interested depending upon the topics we are going to discuss.
I think everyone would need to think and brainstorm ideas before you guys start the project, never hurts to preplan.
Plus if you get some questions ready, you will draw a bigger crowd to help you with your preject.
Anything really, books we've loved, political views, favorite actor, friends...

If you are interested comment me with your basic info, like interests, that sort of thing
If your scope is too broad then your audience will wane. You need to have some type of audience right? Who would want to watch random people just talk, they would want some kind of organization or at least a similar subject always being discussed. We could however had a few different subjects, but again what would they be? If were just talking about what ever we feel like, people wouldn’t subscribe...since they are not interested in the project but in random select videos.
I think the main focuses would be books, politics and school life(current or past)
OOooooo I would have a lot to add then. I have a huge amount of stories from high school. I have recently (past 3 years) gotten into politics, so I know a bit about that, and I am a criminal justice major... so I know a bit about law and working for the man. ^_^

Books... well that depends on what kind of books. I don;t have a large library as of yet, but I can discuss the few I have read.

So if you would like for me to join ya, I would be happy to.


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