I'm serious about this guys! We need to have a meetup! So, answer the following questions:

What should we do?
Where should we do it?
When should we do it?
Why should we do it?
How should we do it?

Ok, the why is obvious. Awesome seeks awesome. Everything else... I don't know!

We could... go to dinner (sushi?), go bowling, just hang out, I don't know! AHH!

Non-flagstaff nerdfighters in AZ are welcome to join us, but I doubt you'd want to drive here just for a day.


We have decided on a date/location for a first meeting! (I say first because I have a feeling that this one might fail, as it was just sorta thrown together)

Friday, September 25th at 4:30 at Barnes and Noble. Be there! Here's a facebook event. INVITE ALL THE NERDFIGHTERS YOU KNOW!:

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Where: NAU Union lunch meeting for starters? then brainstorming future meeting?
that covers the what and where... when? ive got four dead lunchtime hours inbetween classes on m-w-f :/

Either that, or a nightly hangout. i'm new to flag so i have no idea where all the good eats are.

I've been looking all over for flag nerdfighters!!! it's true they're here!!
Yes, we do actually exist! Including you and me, I know for sure that... seven are currently present here.
then where are they?! lets do this thing!
you are driving down from Canada? thats awesome!!
we COULD take over the Barns and Noble/Starbucks bookstore.
I agree to taking over Barnes and Noble. Then we can take over his books with clever notes and nerdfighter love.
Some of your notes are still in those books! At least last time I was there I found them again.

I met Chip in the freaking BATHROOM of our dorm. You should have seen how much i jumped up and down, it was impressive. I know multiple nerdfighters who are here at NAU. In fact, I know at least 6.
Honestly meeting on campus one of these days would be best. In fact, i'm going to go bug Chip RIGHT NOW. Cause i can. :D
Yay coming to bug Chip!

Should we do a preliminary meeting to figure things out, then have a REAL gathering? I don't know D: I say that too much in this thread.
I've gotta say, I am kinda bummed. I graduated in '08 from NAU, and now I will miss out. But, then, I now live in Montana, where I hear there are one or two nerdfighters about, so I suppose it is not all bad. :D

You're welcome to come back! (And bring certain Montana Nerdfighters with you) (You're skilled at kidnapping, right?)
Who ISN'T good at kidnapping? And, if I am back in town, maybe I'll offer up a salutation.


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