John's video today is getting lots of responses from nerdfighters who will be attending college/university this year.  That got me to thinking...  There should be an international (virtual?) Nerdfighter fraternity/sorority.  

It could be Delta Phi Tau Beta Alpha (DFTBA)...  

What do you think?  :)

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Well I told my dad I wouldn'tjoin a fraternity, but then he asked what about if there was a nerdfighter one and of course I said yes.
Haha I would hope so.
I like the sount of it! Though I won't be in college until next year.
If you're going to use a greek name, it should only consist of three letters. I don't know of any greek letter fraternities, societies, or clubs that have more than three letters in their name.

However, you could use Theta Epsilon Phi (ΘΕΦ) which is the acronym formed "remember, be awesome" when translated into greek by google's translator.

Remember, creating a fraternity, sorority, or society is a lot of work. They are nonprofit legal entities which have to be set up. Also, since it would be a legal entity, the Green brothers would probably have to sign off on the fact that no trademarks are being violated. I don't know if anyone has actually established who owns the nerdfighter trademarks. Also, forming such an entity would probably necessitate trademarking certain emblems and sayings of the community to prevent people from misrepresenting the organization.
That would be awesome! I would join :)
Uh, being a non-American, I'm not 100% sure what a fraternity/sorority is. Are they groups of people who live together at college/uni? What's the difference between a fraternity and a sorority?
This is the only sorority I would ever consider joining. I would pledge without a second thought! :D
I like that. My university allows sororities and fraternities but they must operate off campus. My school (like most schools in Canada) do not want to be associated with these institutions because of isolated incidents of hazing in American schools and their portrayal in Hollywood movies. Regardless, how do we go about creating one?
I would be so for this!!! :D:D
This would be awesome!
I would actually join something like that.
Ooooh. I agreeeeeee.


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