I've noticed that a lot of the same people keep posting in most of the threads, and I've heard some things about how the forum is a boring place.  What types of discussions or features would you like to see more of?  Do you have any suggestions on how to make the community more interesting or fun?  How can we help inspire newcomers to post more often?  As one of the new Ningmasters, I'd like to know everyone's opinions concerning the "State of the Forum", if you will.

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As with any forum, there's nothing the moderators can do to make it more appealing. It's all about the people who use the site. So, short of recruiting interesting people who enjoy a good debate, all you as a mod can do is make the site prettier and get rid of spam bots.
All right, let me clarify. What types of discussions would you like to see featured that best represent Nerdfighteria? That is definitely part of my abilities.
Personally I barely even glance at the featured discussions, but you could feature one more than 3 times a year. I mean I have a discussion featured in the Debates section that's almost a year old.
I agree, I think we should feature more often. That'll help with more forum activity.
Well to answer the inspire newcomers question, I would say get more veterans to check out the newbie adoption thread that's been around forever. If you adopt someone it increases the adopted nerdfighter/nit/padawan to stay and get more involved. So I would incourage more activity there. To the other questions I'm really not sure. I think we should get back to talking about the Vlogbrothers and Nerfighting more. That's kinda why most of us came here.

Or this should be featured... because I don't think many newbs no it exists...

Like... I didn't until I came here and saw this.

Righty-ho. Featuring.

The forum could use a section devoted to cheese.
The forums used to be really slow... I don't know how they are now but if they're the same, we just need everyone to post more :D
I don't know what everyone else thingks, but the 'uncatergorised' section is pretty full of threads that could really be catergorised elsewhere. If everything was in the right place it'd be easier to find stuff.
there really should be a way of giving comments thumbs up/down.


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