I just wanted to provide a better way for those of us who want nerdfighterlike to get to know each other! So here's a quiz I just made up that guys should respond to, and girls can reply to whoever they want.

1) Name?
2) Age?
3) Location?
4) Hobbies?
5) Favorite book?
6) What kind of nerdfighter are you?
7) What about nerdfighterlike appeals to you?
8) What kind of girl are you looking for?
9) For or against PDA (public displays of affection if anyone's confused)?
10) Favorite band(s)?

Have fun, be safe, use protection :)
As an aside, I am a girl, so I might reply if I want to, haha.
Enjoy, nerdfighters!

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I think you and I would be good friends. The written word is my great passion, and recently I've discovered how amazing Doctor Who is. Westerfeld is a fantastic author - have you read The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak? It's one of my (many) favorites. 

We should be best friends. But I don't think you'd like me much since I don't play or watch pokemon. But I am 15:D

i dont play pokemon but i used to watch it and i like talking about it

(15 in june)

1) Name: Jordan Grobe
2) Age: 17
3) Location: Westchester, NY
4) Hobbies: Computer, reading, writing, sports, guitar, television, movies, volunteering
5) Favorite book: The Great Gatsby (mostly where my name comes from as well)
6) What kind of nerdfighter are you: Well the two quizzes I took told me I was a Social and Cool Nerd...
7) What about nerdfighterlike appeals to you: I'm really just a romantic at heart :)
8) What kind of girl are you looking for: Smart, funny, interesting, must love music!
9) For or against PDA (public displays of affection if anyone's confused): I see nothing wrong with it, and as a romantic, I'd probably have trouble restraining myself at times :P
10) Favorite band(s): WOW that's hard. Um, alphabetically, naming a few: The Black Keys; The Civil Wars; Coldplay; Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young); Dave Matthews (Band); Death Cab for Cutie; Dropkick Murphys; The Eagles; Eric Clapton; Five for Fighting; Fleetwood Mac; Foo Fighters; Guster; Jack Johnson; Jason Mraz; Jimi Hendrix; alright, that's enough, you get the idea... French the Llama I'm not going through all of 'em! Top four: Radiohead, The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, & Dave Matthews Band.
You have a very awesome taste in music!
The Civil Wars and Mumford&Sons rock! They are totally awesome! I also love Jason Mraz and coldplay. :) By the way I just think your music interest is cool because you're too old for me.

Music is my life!!!! I am always listening!!!!! I am in love with more than half the bands you listed!!!!!!!! You seem really cool!

1)  Matt nixon
2)  21
3) Manhattan, Kansas
4) rare book collecting (mostly Douglas Adam's works)
5) The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
6) I'm the kind of nerdfighter who collects books, listens to way to much music, and plays MMORPG's
7) I don't respond well to people who are ok with being ignorant or have no drive to learn.
8) Preferably one who loves books, and will join in playing video games instead of trying to convince me not to.
9) Against personally, but not against in general.  
10) Rise Against, Coheed and Cambria, Pendulum, Sublime, HIM, Linkin Park
1) Name?   Robert, or Bobert if you prefer
2) Age?   20
3) Location?  Battle Creek, Michigan
4) Hobbies?  fencing, reading, writing, meditation, movies, music, and a plethora of other things.
5) Favorite book?   How bout author, that would be Simon R. Green.
6) What kind of nerdfighter are you?   All around nerdy nerdfighter.
7) What about nerdfighterlike appeals to you?   everything.
8) What kind of girl are you looking for?     One that can match up to me and that I can match up to well.
9) For or against PDA (public displays of affection if anyone's confused)?    Depends on the setting.
10) Favorite band(s)?    Refuse to pick.

zomg i LOVE simon greeen!! :D and reading, writing, meditation, etc.. lol !,,!(^.^)!,,!

I'm currently reading the latest secret history novel. 

So far so epic. 



theres a new one?!?! why was i not aware of this?!?! what is it titled? i must read it!!



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