I just wanted to provide a better way for those of us who want nerdfighterlike to get to know each other! So here's a quiz I just made up that guys should respond to, and girls can reply to whoever they want.

1) Name?
2) Age?
3) Location?
4) Hobbies?
5) Favorite book?
6) What kind of nerdfighter are you?
7) What about nerdfighterlike appeals to you?
8) What kind of girl are you looking for?
9) For or against PDA (public displays of affection if anyone's confused)?
10) Favorite band(s)?

Have fun, be safe, use protection :)
As an aside, I am a girl, so I might reply if I want to, haha.
Enjoy, nerdfighters!

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I played the old video game, and since I'm a massive trivia nut and I didn't mention that above here is random trivia associated with that particular game: VtM was adapted to PC by Troika games, using the Source Engine, among the first games to do so alongside Half Life 2, the fact that VtM were allowed to use this engine was limited by the fact they were contracted to release their project following the release of HL2, as you can imagine waiting on Valve for anything is a bad idea and when you have money sitting on a project doing nothing but leaking away you have slightly more credible reason to be worried.
Troika was a studio that formed out of Baldurs Gate veterans, interested in developing a studio which would focus on the character and narrative elements of RPG's rather than the cold hard numbers, there major break-through hit was Temple of Elemental Evil, the first game released based off the D&D 3.5 Rules, it was not a huge mainstream success, notoriously bugged, but it gained a following of fans.

The follow-up and what would be there last venture, was VtM, released in 2004 months later than their original deadline, just following the release of HL2 it was incredibly unsuccessful on release, the bugs of ToEE came back to haunt VtM and combined with the delayed release resulted in poor sales and the folding of the company not long after. (That's right, Valve killed what could have grown into an important studio)

VtM remains to this day a cult feature of RPG video game collections, with the loyal fanbase keeping the game maintained and patched.

But, I'm guessing you're talking about the White Wolf game, I was gonna play pen and paper a couple of months ago, but it fell through, unfortunately, I really do like the system and setting, Ventrue until I final die :p

I'm a Toreadore all the way x.x "Whoreadore" haha
Its an amazing feeling, being able to dress up and become a different person, and at the end of the night people still look at you as the same way.

It's a combination of my favourite things: camping and fancy dress :p

ugh.. trying to remember the BEST session yet...

Im in Sabat, Cam, and Darkage games... so... its kinda hard to figure out...
My favorite Char. has to have been a gender confused human with darksight

That's an odd skill set :p

I once created a gender confused arcane hairdresser for a D&D game :p

Really? I'm sure I saw one up your neck of the woods when I was looking for ones near me, if I find it again I will send you a link Sir.

Also Floyd & Tull = Awesome sauce

I looked for Norfolk LARP, what I got was all the LARP :p

I'll keep my eyes open :|

Tull are so amazing they refuse to call themselves Prog :p

Ah the endless conversation... have you ever experienced what I call the stairs conversation effect?
Having lived in various shared accommodations, the most common place to have lengthy conversations seems to be when sat on stairs, some people join others leave, but the conversations themselves have been known to continue all day.

You've gotten this down to a fine art :p

Unfortunately I have a horrible set of space saving stairs which are as impossible to climb as to sit on :p but I remember in houses past I used to sit at the bottom of the stairs engaging everyone who walked past, it's cos stairs are at the centre of most houses, everyone's walking by with an agenda :p

I used to go down to the park, cos it was the only place where people had nothing to distract them except but to talk, fun times :)

I attempted to fill out of those things, but I ended up sounding incredibly narcissistic and ego-centric, and terribly judgemental. It just upsets me when people use incorrect grammar/homonyms. So instead I shall just say this:

There are raindrops on my window and it looks almost like the Milky Way would look if there were a blackout or I lived on the side of a mountain in Mexico.

The world is so much more beautiful than people think.

Provided correct grammar and homonyms are used. It's upsetting to think about.

1) Name? John
2) Age? 15
3) Location? Georgia
4) Hobbies? Reading and Running
5) Favorite book? The Maze Runner
6) What kind of nerdfighter are you? the awesome kind, 
7) What about nerdfighterlike appeals to you? Intelligent conversations 
8) What kind of girl are you looking for? One that could hold a conversation well
9) For or against PDA (public displays of affection if anyone's confused)? no opinion really
10) Favorite band(s)?Rush,Shinedown

Nice tastes in books.


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