One of my friends is going through a bit of a hard time so I want to compile a list of funny songs for her to make into a CD. What are some of the funniest songs you know? Preferable not obvious songs like from Avenue Q or A Very Potter Musical because she's heard those before. ^_^ Thanks!

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Cows with Guns by Dana Lyons

Salad of Doom by SJ Tucker

A bunch of the songs of various Disney movies

Weird Al Yankovic songs and Monty Python mp3s but that's rather obvious


I can't think of many off the top of my head, sorry. Good luck with your CD, it's a fantastic idea

Dierks Bentley- How Am I Doin'

Toby Keith- She Left Me



These songs aren't ones that I think anybody really knows about. They are country and hilarious if you actually listen to the lyrics.


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