I have recently been having a lot of trouble with people arguing with me, claiming that gay marriage and indeed homosexuality in general is wrong.
I need your best arguments for gay marriage- and also views from those nerdfighters that may think that it is wrong.
Please help.

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:) Thanks for posting this.
You're very welcome! I hope it turns out to be useful some day. ^^
Good research. People should also read, or at least check out, Wrestling with God and Men, by Rabbi Greenberg, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who is gay. It contains some interesting perspectives on the Old Testament as well as the Talmud and rabbinical arguments through the centuries.

I also have a question for the homosexual community (as a heterosexual man) - the title of the forum post is "Gay Marriage," though technically what's being argued for is "homosexual marriage." Somehow "homosexual marriage" feels like it carries a negative connotation with it (not sure why), and I've seen it used in editorials celebrating the Maine vote. So, "gay marriage" or "homosexual marriage" -- which should I use, or does it matter?
Gay marriage for sure. "Homosexual" does have negative connotations still, you're right, though I'm not sure why. I just know that I much prefer gay marriage over homosexual marriage.
Win + Hug + High five
= sex
You've just won over all my respect. I'm one of the few Christians I know who support Gay Rights based on the same information you provided. Kudos!
Wow, I'm obscenely late to comment back! Go me.

Thank you! As I said, being gay, I've been veeeeery interested in what the Bible says about people like me, and I was not surprised AT ALL to find that it said, basically, nothing. :P
if your gay then your gay and be proud of it no matter what a lil book says!
I know many pro-gay Christians, but most of them believe it because they think that it's silly that a bunch of old men tell everyone who they can and can't love. Yesterday some of my friends were talking about it. Many of my friends, even though they're very Christian/Catholic, believe that homosexuality is fine, you don't have to go to Church every Sunday, etc. They just don't see why it should be considered wrong or sinful, and especially not illegal. Because the Pope said so? The Pope also said that Galileo was wrong.

There are so many reasons why gay marriage should be accepted legally and socially.
As a Christian who is pro-gay marriage, I'm always being asked to explain myself. These sites are perfect :)
Do you allow me to add something? Besides the parts of Leviticus and Genesis that you mentioned, something else that people opposed to homosexuality based on the Bible bring up is a bunch of stuff that Paul wrote condemning homosexuality.
A favorite of them is Romans 1:18-28, where he talks about people who are sinful, but most of them stop there when judging others and and don't look at Romans 2:1-11, where he says that those who judge the first group are just as sinful, that no human should judge the other, and that for God there's no distinction. =D I particularly like Romans 13:8 too, "for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law." Or Romans 14:10-12, again with the don't judge stuff.
There's more stuff on both Corinthians, talking against homosexuals, but the people who tend to quote those tend to ignore that the same lines talk against greed, drunkenness, slander, idol whorshipping and plain straight sex too. And they tend to ignore that there are several chapters in Paul's writing against heterosexual marriage. Yeah, Paul didn't like homosexual sex, but he disliked heterosexual sex just as much. Paul used to recommend people to just stay virgins their whole lives ("because I wanted you all to be like me, he says), and only marry in case they just couldn't control their horniness anymore (in which case the woman's body belongs to the husband - the next line says the husband's bodt belongs to the wife, but again people ignore this one and use the first part to justify sexism and oppression).
Anyway, most of the anti-sex, sexist and homophobic stuff in the Bible comes from Paul, but Paul himself said too that, if there's some divergence between what the apostoles said and what Jesus said, Jesus wins (I Cor 1:10-13, I Cor 3:4-6). And anyone who at least glanced briefly at the Gospels knows that Jesus was all for love and acceptance and against oppression.

P.S. forgot to say: I Cor 5:12-13 : What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside.
There. Freedom of religion, don't impose your values on those who don't follow your religion.


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