I don't know what I think, I guess it is between them and God. I mean, I'm totally cool with Gay people. I don't know why though, when they're Muslim Gay people, that changes everything.


What do YOU think about this?

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I don't know why though, when they're Muslim Gay people, that changes everything.




I'm all for gay marriage. And sexual equality. And religious equality. And religious progressivism (read: religions update to fit the times in which people are currently living).

I meant, like when it's a Muslim Gay couple, everything changes... Why should it, you know?

I didn't mean it changes in my eyes...

gahh, are you picking up what im putting down?

Oh, yes. I thought you meant you couldn't explain why it changed for you.


I guess it changes because homosexuality is frowned upon even more severely by Islam/the Muslim community in which they live.

I don't get what you're asking. 

I'm not Muslim and I'm not gay. I have a Muslim friend who is pro-gay. I'm pro-gay. I have no problem with Islam. I don't know much about acceptance of homosexuality in all Islamic communities, but I hope that the ones that are anti-gay adopt a more modern dogma. I mean, even the Catholic Church is straying from the "GAYNEZZ IS A SIN!!11111" bs. Now, many preachers and teachers of the faith do acknowledge that most people don't choose to be gay, therefore just being gay isn't a sin. They say that gay sex is a sin, but a guy dating and kissing a guy isn't. It's not a great view, but hey, it's a start. 

Islam, like other religions, is well-known for its views regarding homosexuality. That being, that it's not cool. And I think Islam just holds a sort of special fascination for some of us, as we haven't been exposed to it very much. We don't understand it, so we want to know why on earth they do the things they do. So, anything that talks about homosexuality(already a topic that draws public interest) AND Islam is going to recieve a lot of attention. Does that makes sense? It's not a big deal in and of itself, but from a media standpoint, it's worth reporting on. It might make people buy papers, watch the news, or read about it online.


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