I've been wondering lately: what exactly is the difference between a geek and a nerd? Surely there is some reason why we are NERDfighters and not GEEKfighters apart from the arcade game that John played in the airport (and the fact that Nerdfighters just sounds better than Geekfighters). Maybe the ning can tell me.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any such thread here on the ning (I didn't look that hard, but oh well). So, I figured I might as well start one and see what the rest of the Nerdfighters think. defines "nerd" as -
1. a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
2. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

and "geek" as -
1. a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.
2. a computer expert or enthusiast (a term of pride as self-reference, but often considered offensive when used by outsiders.)
3. a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken.

I'm pretty sure (or at least hope) that the chicken thing doesn't apply to anyone here. I also think that the second definition of nerd would be widely preferred to the first definition. I don't think that Nerdfighters in general are stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive. I think that we are, as a group, probably about average in each of those categories, if more on the intelligent side rather than stupid. I certainly don't think we're ineffectual.

I also think that the second definition of geek is far too narrow: not everyone here is specifically interested in computers. However, the first definition claims that geeks are dislikable, and I think that that observation is relative to who is attempting to do the liking.

Overall, it does seem like the second definition of nerd fits Nerdfighters as a group best out of the five possible definitions above.

But this still doesn't really answer my question. What's the difference between a geek and a nerd? How similar are they? Which would you prefer to be?

I want to hear some Nerdfighters telling us all what they think about the Nerd vs Geek debate. I want some definitions, I want some descriptions, and I want some comparisons. And.....GO!

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my scoutmaster, while in the army was dared to bite the head off of a live chicken that was running around the premisis; he bit it off and ATE it! a couple of years later, while in seaworld, at the dolphin show, the demonstrator asked someone from the crowd to come down, she picked him. she held up the fish and said somewhere along the lines of "this is what the dolphins eat, doesnt it look delicious?" implying it as a joke. My scoutmaster looked at her, looked at the fish, took the fish, and in front of about 100 people at the head off of the fish... i guess he's a geek.
I looked it up, just to see how other people see us/me.

How to Tell the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks
Looks like this one answers most questions on which is which and comes close to how i differentiate the 2...

Basing on these description I think I am both a geek and a nerd but not a geek or a nerd... (does that make sense)
Regarding why we are NERDfighters rather than GEEKfighters, Hank found a video game in an airport called "Nerdfighters". Thus, the name was born.
I always thought of "geeks" as being more math and science based while "nerds" are more english and history based. Idk why.
A Nerd is made of awesome. A Geek is made of... who knows what?!?
definitely NERDS. the name NERD spreads awesome. geek...seems like someone weird.
To me, a nerd is someone more interested in intellectualism and intellectual achievements. Nerds are people whose major interests are science and literature and things like that. Nerds usually get good grades and tend to work hard in order to achieve at school and work.

Geeks are interested in some of the same things nerds are, but tend to veer more toward pop culture interests- comics, games, geeky TV shows, etc instead of say... physics. They like Star Trek but they aren't going to debate the plausibility of molecular transport.

For the record, I'm not dissing geeks by saying they don't achieve as highly in school and work. I consider myself a geek rather than a nerd for the same reason. My interest in literature is nerdy (majored in British Literature before 1860) but the rest of my life is geeky (minored in Pop Culture Studies).
I feel like a nerd is someone who enjoys learning, or gaining intelligence in some shape or form. But a geek, to me, is someone who has a possibly non-social hobby that is not sports-related. Something like video games or theatre or knitting.

I think this sums it up pretty perfectly :) check it out:


p.s. here's another thread, if you want some more opinions :)

"Nerd" "Dork" and "Geek" What's the difference?

To me, a Nerd is someone who gets over enthusiastic about the things that they are passionate in. (Like I am with Doctor Who) When I think about a Geek I think of someone who is really smart.. But thats just the way I see it.


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