Putting out feelers for anyone that would be interested.

Looking for 5 other girls to make a 5-8 minute video every other week.

A few examples of topics we are looking to cover are Star Trek, Star Wars, Internet, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Geeky Things to Buy, Geeky Books, The Guild,
Geeky Chic (fads, fashion, steampunk etc), Comic Con, Other Fan Conferences.... Anything really

And answer questions like "What is the most disgusting fan fiction you have ever encountered"

Email me at

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:D omg I love the idea, there was another person looking for people for a whovian collab channel  :) I would love to help but I don't know if it's open of international geeky girls? lol I live in Mexico but I move a lot and next year I'm going to the UK to study my master's :)

Glad to hear from you!
I was thinking of creating a skype chat or a google hangout for everyone that was interested in doing the channel.
What days work for you? I was thinking sometime next weekend

Feel free to email me!

Um, I am DEFINITELY interested, but I don't know that I am familiar enough with a lot of your suggested topics... I'm a math/lit nerd. XD 

If you're still doing this and looking for people, let me know.

Let me know also if you are still looking to fill spots in =) I'm big on the Doctor Who/Sherlock/LOTR, Internet, Steampunk, Stuff to Buy, and Guild topics (among others, of course :D).

I totally have an answer to that question also... maybe not "disgusting" but "disturbing"... Stephen Colbert/John Stewart.

iambrittanyking (at) gmail (dot) com

I wouldn't be interested in being a part of it, but I'd definitely subscribe.


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