After rewatching the YouTube videos by John Green and CGPGrey and finding articles like this one espousing how much pennies and nickels suck, I thought, "Hey, don't I have the power to do something about this?" I've signed many petitions over the years, for things I consider awesome (or did at the time of signing) but I'd never made one of my own until now. I figured that since it's an issue the President is supposed to be concerned with, I'd make it on It's a rule there that the President's administration will respond to any petition that reaches 25,000 signatures.

However, there's a pretty big stumbling block for someone like me who doesn't know many people in the US - the petition is not even publicly visible until it reaches 150 signatures. Of the people that I know personally who are from the USA (a number already much smaller than 150), I've managed to get about 7 people to sign it. As you can imagine, it's a little discouraging, but I've continued trying to cast the net wider, and thought of getting in touch with other nerdfighters who are more likely to have at least heard of this issue. All I want is for this petition to reach enough signatures for it to be publicly viewable; what happens after that will happen. Some petitions have received responses without reaching the 25K mark, so if it can even come close, it might get an answer.

That petition is here. If any other nerdfighters out there feel the same way that me, John, and CGPGrey feel about pennies and nickels, I'd really appreciate your support. Thanks and DFTBA

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I have to confess that securing 24,990 signatures in less than a month is a bit daunting even for something as important as bringing our currency into the 21st century. Anybody know someone with a famous Youtube channel we can plug this petition on?

There is of course VlogBrothers, but I posted on both the "I hate Pennies" video and the "Death to Pennies" video and never got a reply from Grey or Green. (it's funny that the two biggest YouTube names that are against pennies and nickels both happen to have a color in their names)

We can all tweet it at them and hope they take notice...

That would be amazing. Remember to tell all your Nerdfighter friends.

Alas, there's my personal line. Signing an online petition is one thing, but actually creating a Twitter? Fwssh...


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