I stand against all the hate and bigotry that ignorant Christians promote in the name of loving their God.
That said, I am about at my wit's end with everyone saying that it is an absolute fact that Christianity opposes homosexuality.
All of the passages used to promote this theory can be refuted. The Bible has been translated countless times by the hopelessly corrupt in order to manipulate the population and distort the original messages for their own purposes.
You are using your religion as an excuse to ostracize a group of people who are just as legitimately people as you are. Very Christ-like of you.

Prove me wrong.
Back me up.

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Try Trevor Project.


it explains a lot about gay teen suicide and the hostile environment they were in. Christians who are against gays have a lot to answer for.

Oh my goodness.  This:

Preaching that gays is wrong is creating an environment of hatred that lead to hate crime and gay teen suicide.

Was a good point.  You know, the same point you're trying to run with while replying to me.


You are a wicked person full of hatred, your religion is shit. Jesus was a cunt. You are horrible.

Is the one where you lost all credability.

And as a rebuttle for your good argument, I'll say this:  Not all Chrisitans who are against homosexuality hate gay people.  I'm against my uncle drinking himself into a coma everynight, but it doesn't mean I hate him.  He may even say that is what makes him happy, but I believe it is damaging behavior.  I feel the same about homosexuals.  People who commit hate crimes are not following Christ.  It's as simple as that.  It's not Christ's fault, it's not Christianity's fault, it's the fault of the idiotic individual.

Now XOX, I know you really want to fly into a rage at me right now, but please, try to read what I've written for understanding of my point of view, don't just fly of the handle.

I'm going to say th difference between you trying to stop your uncle from drinking himself into a coma and people trying to stop homosexuality (or just calling it a sin) is that stopping your uncle from drinking helps someone, and trying to stop homosexuality only makes the world a worse place and increasing suffering even if god is against it.


See, and I think homosexuality damages people spiritually.  It could be said that I'm wrong, but there really can't be actual, empirical data gathered to show it one way or the other.  All I'm saying, is that I don't hate them, I just don't agree with what they do.

The ning is a bitch sometimes, isn't it?

Well son of a bitch.

Recreating post:  I believe that homosexuality is damaging to people spiritually, just as my uncle's drinking is damaging to him.  You may disagree with me, but it can't be empirically studied.  Either way, I still love those people, even if I believe that their actions are destructive.

It's more spiritually/emotionally damaging to be told that your love is a sin. It can also be more physically damaging to be told that if it drives someone to suicide or if other kids hear that its a sin and start bullying the gay kid. I mean lets face it, if you're 18 and under when you realize you're gay you're dealing with a pretty intellectually devoid crowd who has no understanding of compassion and empathy. Plenty of them will hear that and kick your ass. Not to mention, I agree with the statement that just by saying it's a sin you're lending credibility to the gay haters. If it's ok to say it's a sin then suddenly it becomes  a hell of a lot harder to explain to people that to hate them is wrong. People think it's acceptable to hate a specific person who consistently commits other sins (liars, thieves, and murderers), so why shouldn't they hate gays?  They'll never understand that even if it is a sin and it is spiritually damaging that it's unacceptable to hate them.


Personally I believe the moral thing to do in this situation is to let go of your morals in order to help others. It's like how the Pope used to (and I think he still does to an extent) think that condoms were immoral, this may have been true but it lead to a lot of people having unprotected sex and getting diseases and dying. In that situation you have to weigh it out, is it better to change your opinion despite the fact that you believe you're in the right, or is it better to continue to say condoms are immoral despite the deaths that saying so will cause because thats what you believe. 


Whats worse, the damage caused by someone having gay sex or the damage caused by someone being hated for their sexuality?

Saying that it's more spiritually damaging is speculation;  you can't know that.  As far as the hate of others, I can't control that, and I don't think you're giving people enough credit.  There was a 14 year old girl in my neighborhood that was ran over and killed by another girl her age.  Was what the driving girl did wrong?  Yes.  Could she have been hated by her peers because of it?  Yes.  But it was taught by parents in such a way that the girl was not harassed, but comforted.  Calling it a sin does not give liberties to people.  Those people were just looking for a reason to justify their hate.  There should never be hate among Christians, even for the theives and murderers and whomever else. 

My believing that what they do is a sin, does not give anyone liberty to hurt them.  Because I believe that it mocks what is so very sacred, I cannot stand idly by without giving my opinion.  That's what would be morally wrong of me.  Believing that what they are doing is self destructive, but not saying anything because I might hurt their feelings, is what is wrong.

Your ending remark is comparing apples to oranges.  Believing that what they do is a sin is not why people hurt them.  They hurt them because they want to hurt them, sexuality is just an excuse.  The damage caused by them having sex is eternal.  Pretend for a moment that the previous statement is true, wouldn't that be a pretty big deal?

Abreo, I'm past trying to debate with you on this, and ask that you trust that my actions (I can't speak for every other Christian) are out of love.  Because of my beliefs, I will not hurt homosexuals, but I cannot watch what they do without making some sort of stand.

I know not everyone is an asshole, but it only takes a couple of them to mess up your existence yeah? I don't know if sexuality is just an excuse for hate or if it deals with what they were taught but I do believe you're giving them that excuse whether you mean to or not. I agree though, it's very not Christian of them to hate. I also hope you can appreciate the fact then that I can't idly stand by when I believe you're causing them more damage than just being gay ever could. 


I know you're acting out of love but that doesn't mean I agree with your actions. Whether or not it's spiritually damaging or will be harmful to them in the after life is all speculation on our part, however whats not speculation is the self hate that I know they can experience so I act on what I know instead of what I do not know. I know it sucks for them in this life to be told their love is a sin (and for hate to be spewed at them by a special few) and for all I know this is the only life we get and there is no afterlife. 

Abreo is right.

Making up excuse like caring for your non-existing soul, based on the teaching of a non-existing god is not an excuse to create a hostile environment for teen gays, teen lesbians, teen trans to grow up with.


Studies show teen gays have 3 times more likely to kill themselves because there are too many jerks like Vertigo-one and Paulsifer telling them that being gays are wrong.

The fact is, both Vertigo one and Paulsifer is wrong in their perception of homosexuality. The teaching or preaching against homosexuality actually kill real people in real life.


So, fuck the christian god who hate gays. Just stop saying gays are wrong or sinful. If there is a religion that could not tolerate loving gay people, then this religion is wrong.






The fucking Catholic Pope is still against condom use in AIDS infected area between heterosexual couples. Fuck the Pope, he personally caused thousands of lives loss being he is so hang up on condoms.

Oh, I forgot.


Fuck Joseph Smith, the fucking con man, child rapist, shit of all shit Mormon.



Being gay is not a crime. Being hatred filled mormon would lead to hate crime.


I do completely respect that you need to get your word out there too.  I respect your right to stand up for the dictates of your own conscience, just like you respect mine.  I understand where you're coming from, it's hard to distinguish causation, and if I thought a belief was causing hate, I'd probably jump in the same way you are.



As far as I can tell, you're the only one filled with hate here.  I would address what you said about the Pope or Joseph Smith, but it seems like your mind is made up and isn't worth my time. 


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