I stand against all the hate and bigotry that ignorant Christians promote in the name of loving their God.
That said, I am about at my wit's end with everyone saying that it is an absolute fact that Christianity opposes homosexuality.
All of the passages used to promote this theory can be refuted. The Bible has been translated countless times by the hopelessly corrupt in order to manipulate the population and distort the original messages for their own purposes.
You are using your religion as an excuse to ostracize a group of people who are just as legitimately people as you are. Very Christ-like of you.

Prove me wrong.
Back me up.

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Go read your bible and count how many children were murdered by this god character directly or murdered under the order by this very same god.


The christian god is horrible piece of shit. All religions with god in it are evil.

So, what you rely on? Are you creating your own god?


Why need a god? The christian god is a fucking piece of shit. Jesus was a cunt who legendary disrespect his own mother.


Fuck god. Be yourself.

If your thinking of the accounts I think your thinking of, then read this, and you'll see that in reality, what happened there was the best thing that could have, given the circumstances.

Another liar site full of hatred filled Christians. Fuck that.



Oh sweet mama Beelzebub...


I'm sorry, but when you said, "Count how many children were murdered by this god," I burst out laughing.


I can just imagine something like that on Sesame Street for some reason...




Count von Count FT friggin' W.

Vampire voice: 1.. 2... 3...

You got that voice in my head too.

But the argument remains the same.

Just by reading the christian bible, and count how many children this jerk christian god had murdered, we know for sure this is not the good guy.


I have to credit this to some atheist who asked me this very same question when still believe christian god is the good guy.

Totally agreed that people who said christian god loves homosexuals are liars.

Another liar site full of hatred filled Christians. Fuck that.


You know, no one is going to take you seriously unless you actually engage with the source material in question. In particular, press Ctrl+f and look for the response to the following section


"But if we visualize the horror of the scene—mothers watching children be killed, and children watching their mother be cut down—surely this cannot be ‘right’?!"

If someone like you who are fucked by christianity doesn't take me seriously, it is fine.


No loss here.


The christian god (as a fictional character) is horrible, so fuck your god and fuck your jesus.

Does it matter?

Why response to a post that you think not worth your time to read.


Just saying.

In her defense, English is not her first language.  Just sayin'.
How about you examine your case, rather than assuming its true. And if you claim you have examined your case, prove it by explaining the flaws in the case that I have presented.


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