I was wondering if there were any good books. I like books like sleeping freshmen never lie. I also like books like tfios and paper towns. Any way, I ran out of books to read so, please help. If you haven't read these books then, exciting and/or insightful

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Hmmm...the Book Thief? Really good, and if you like that, try I Am the Messenger. Both are by Markus Zusak...fantastic author. The saga A Song of Ice and Fire is good, but also long, so if you want otread them you''ll need a decnet hunk of time...:) The series was made into the TV show Game of Thrones....:)

Thank you so much!!

No problem! I may have to ask you for recommendations too, since I am finished with all my books as well...:)

A few books are Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25,  the Alex Rider series, the Outsiders, and the Lost Symbol

I love Alex Rider! The movie didn't come close...I read those in seventh grade I believe! :)

If you haven't read Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer you should give it a try! It's one of my favourite books and it's amazing :)

I want to read that but I never have time! :)

Make some time and I promise you won't regret it! :)



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