I've found that in society there are two major social catogories: groups or cliques, and singles or loners. I ,personally, am a loner. It's not that I don't have friends, its just that I perfer not to be in any specific group or clique, and I will usually be seen by myself more than with others. I like being a loner and I get along with most people, so nothing bad really comes of it. Out of curiosity, I wonder what other people prefer. I'm starting this debate to see if the majority of people prefer being loners or in a group or clique. After reading this please state which one you prefer to be and why.

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I've noticed this semester especially, I am a loner. I like being around people sometimes, but I also like to be by myself and don't mind being alone.

I'm curious to see if Nerdfighters are loners or group members. I think maybe we may have a higher portion of loners than the general population, simply because of our personality characteristics. Should be interesting.
I bet your right
I'm more of a loner, I just think with groups you really don't get to know everyone in the group. I just get along better with my small group of friends. I don't know just starting to notice this in myself in avoiding large groups most of the time.
Also just from a statistical stand point there are a lot of people in a group then there are with loners. It is probably more likely that someone would be in the group, at least that like it at my school. I don't know with nerdfighters though.
so far 3 loners, 0 group members
Hmm I like people and groups of people are great fun to me but I have more than enough brain vomit to entertain myself with. Why do we have to be either, or? I don't think that being in a group or being a bit of a loner are mutually exclusive, even if that does sound a little paradoxical.
I agree.
I agree
I definately enjoy big groups at times
or being alone
but usually I enjoy a few friends(2 or 3)
is that a category?
i was always a loner until last year. I would have one friend who was my closest friend, and when I wasn't with them, I was on my own. This year, I'm actually a part of a clique. A rather non-exclusive clique, but a clique none the less. And, I'm happier now. I have a solid base of really good friends I know I can always depend on, and who I know love me for me, and I return the favor, whole heartedly.
Plus, drama kids are the shit.
Hoorah for Drama kids!!!
I'm an extreme misanthrope. There are 3 people who i genuinely care for, and less than 10 that i can stand for more than 5 minutes. I really hate people, and i spend most of my time by myself.
I agree, although I can't say I've ever said "High" in the hallways, I usually go for the good old "Hi"
Sorry, I'm a grammar/spelling freak!
I agree with you. Why else would you join this if you dont like being in a group. I think it just depends on the people. I cannot stand the kids in my school, so in that setting I am more of a loner. But when I can i would much rather spend my time with my group of friends outside of school than by myself.


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