So, discussions like this have definitely been started before. However, I don't want to rehash them as they're strangely titled and difficult to search for.

Vent, ask for help, say something, say anything, offer advice, do what you will.

Try and keep negativity at bay and be understanding when offering advice even if someone seems stupid or naive or ridiculous

commence, don't be shy. I'll start with my own post below.

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I'm going to shake (throw) a lot more than my fist.
just pick my school for me, kay?

oh, hay Stanford 'n' Berkeley, thanks for having such ridiculously early deadlines.
I love that you suggested match! It's one of my favorite fanfics too. Now if only it was finished.
Hmm... I don't want to encourage illegal activities or anything, but if there is no other way to acquire books, you can always use torrents. Just type in something like "< book name > ebook pdf torrent" in Google, and you will eventually get something acceptable.

You'll need BitTorrent:
And if you don't want to use Adobe Reader, you can download Stanza (don't know how good this is, I mainly use it for syncing books with my iPod):
Any other good desktop E-Book reader will do as well.

Also, just out of curiosity, if you don't mind me asking, what country is this?
Its ok cheer up it'll be better in the summer lots of fields to run around in and cute but slow farmer boys to have summer flings with just get threw the cold and you'll be fine and then by next year will start to get used to the cold and it will be better i promise!
I live in Ontario, Canada.
Far away, I know, but it's still Canada.

Where did you move from?
U.S I'm guessing?

Saskatchewan? Really? Sorry, but you're right, that sucks.
It's the most boring and rural out of the provinces.

The cold will get better toward the summer months.

Try going into 'the city' to a mall or something, or get involved in some community activities in order to meet new people. Canadians really are nice - well, most of us anyway. :)
=O You must have abibliophobia.
The fear of running out of reading material.
okay - maybe you guys can help... Well a friend of mine is really sick... really sick, the best term would be he is dying - of cancer... The thing is, he was admit to the hospital here, in Orlando - a week before Christmas, and now he is getting worse. You see him and his mother had a fallout years ago. She doesn't know about his condition (based of what he told me). I've been trying to get him to contact her, and he refused too.

He is all alone here - and I wanted him to see a familiar face; you know, someone from his family. Do you guys think I should try to find his mother, or respect his wishes and not...
I'd say you should keep talking to him about it. But if he gets much much worse, then the family should probably be contacted.
If I were you I would stay with him as often as I could and try and keep him happy. There's probably a lot of bitterness between his mother and him. Maybe if you keep him especially happy and nostalgic for happier times, he'll be less reluctant to see his mother.

That's a particularly sad situation. I wish you and your friend all the best.
Thanks Guys... things have been going very well...
OK this is going to sound pathetic because we have all of the people with serious senior year and family problems. But I'm in 8th grade. This is a really tough year for me. I'm in ACC( accelerated/enriched/honors, whatever) math and science and I have an 88 in both classes, which to me, is about as good as having a 72. But my big problem is math. I LOATHE math, and my teacher. I'm not even sure if I've passed a test yet this year, and I have a lot of big tests coming up. And because of all of the math in science class, i'm not doing so hot their either. I've been offered a tutor, but I declined, it would just be another person to embarass myself in front of. I would just drop out of math and stay in my science class if I could, but they are connected, so if you have accelerated one, you ahve accelerated all. But I really do want to stay in these classes. Also, on top of all THAT member...has decided to quit smoking and the stress that they are in is really getting to me. I usually lean on them and now they are going to need me!! I'm not sure I can handle it. Well thats all I got for now. I feel a bit better. Awesome makes everything better...

If you really don't get how to solve a particular problem or something, that's a good place to go to.

If you're having trouble with a concept, the internet is the best place to search. I'm in tenth grade, and I was SERIOUSLY confused to hell in Chem AP because of how much my teacher sucks, but Google solved everything. :)

Use it.


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