After some very contrasting opinions came up over guns in the recent Conservatism thread, I thought the subject could stand its own discussion. So, what do you think of guns in society, and where do you stand on gun control?

I live in the United States, where the right to own a gun is protected by the constitution. I'm from New York, and here very few private citizens own or carry guns. However, I do support the 2nd amendment and consider it among our most important constitutional rights. What do you think?

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You asked how do you survive in the UK without guns...

Answer by making those poor saps that do live in bad neighborhoods be unsafe or unlawfully own a gun.

Or you can actually deal with why the UK is up the clacker.

It's not like you can dump your riff raff in Australia anymore.

Buck it up, the class system keeps failing.

Erm, how are they unsafe if the number of gun crimes is so much substantially lower per 1000 than in the US.

Because they are in bad neighborhoods. Maybe, such as in our case, they are targeted because of their skin color. Every week about we would get in gang fights at the park. It was the neighborhood kids against us because we were white. I was damm sure glad to move out of there. Perhaps that tainted my point of view. I realised then that the cops couldn't protect us.

Because they are in bad neighborhoods.

You havn't answered the question. People live in bad neighbourhoods in the UK, yet they are safer without guns than people in the US with guns because there is less gun crime.

Dude the UK s violent crime rate is way higher than in the US. Your homicides might be lower but violent ones are higher. That is why I would get a gun. The bad guys just use a knife.

Erm, proof?

The US has a murder rate of 4.8 per 100,000 on the latest stats, where as the UK is at 1.28. Here's the proof.

The US

The UK

"Violent Crime" is a useless stat, because different countries define what that means in different ways.

Dude,  Vertigo is right about the US having an awful crime rate.  The incarceration rate in the US is also one of the highest in the world!

Land of the free, my dog's butt!

I agree CD  plusw you have to get a permit for everything you want to do on your property here such as put up a shed. It is getting redickless.

(misspelled on purpose)

There's lots of reasons why a neighbourhood may be unsafe and usually it's inside the house not out on the street,  but there is a spill over effect both ways.

the number of gun crimes is so much substantially lower per 1000 than in the US.

Oh man, I see what you're saying there, gun violence in the US is horrendous....was that tongue in cheek though? Even a little bit?


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