In John's newest video, he states his favorite childhood book is "Gus is A Bug". He challenged the awesomeness that is Nerdfighters to find the author's name or a copy of the book. I think he may have made a mistake. I have located a book called, "Gus the Bug" by Josephine Nobisso. I was wondering if this could possibly be it, and he was confused with the name.

UPDATE: The book has been found! John said so himslef in the sidebar of his Gus video. How shalt we punish him?

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Hmmm I don't know because I found and author (or an illustrator, I'm not sure) that has written (or drawn) a series of books. Gus is a . . . But I'm not sure either. I couldn't find Gus is a Bug. We must solve this mystery!
It's not that one.

Someone has already found this checkbook cover made from recycled pages from the book:
Couldn't we just email the seller asking who the author is?
I could only find "Gus is such a funny bug"
I found this one too. I was sure he had just gotten the title wrong. Go Worldcat! Still, on the the punishments. Bwahaha.
i think there is some sort of copy of it in Japan.
sorry. Koreans and Japanese don't really get along much :(

that's cool! i wonder who found it?
does it really matter? we're making our own version of it anyway. we can call it what we want.
The books seems well found out by now but I thought I'd post what bit I researched.

by Janis Asad Raabe; Emil Ian

Publisher: Cleveland, Ohio : Modern Curriculum Press, 1986.
And then give us a Movie Review while eating toilet paper or spreading Peanut Butter, or something else more creative than that... but my point is I want to hear the movie review because he always comes up with really thoughtful insightful things to say, and I'm sure he'd have plenty to say about this movie.
dressed as Bella?


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