i have a guy friend.but he sort of ignores me.he is good and nice sometimes but sometimes he  dont even reply t my texts and i feel he takes me as for granted. i sent him texts but he didnt day i called himbut his number was busy, he didnt called back after 4,5 hours he asked u was calling me? i said yes but u was busy i guess, and he just replied with a hmmm... i txted i hate single word reply but he didnt responded..

what should i do know???

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If you want to know if he's ignoring you, ask him. Maybe he is. Maybe he just has a lot on his mind. Maybe he's preoccupied. Just ask plainly.

i dont wanna ask. i jst wanna know how should i behave in pront of him. should i talk to him? how to show him my dignity n price. hw to make him realize that i m not the one to b taken as for granted i want a good friendship.

If he really is continuously ignoring you even though he's able to... well not ignore you... then he might not like you. It's not a big deal even if it feels like one.

It sounds like he's just preoccupied though from what you said. The only advice I can give on how to behave either way is not to be needy because then you'll just annoy him.

i dont think so that he dont like me. actualy he is inoting to aall his friends, he is much into himself.he gets bored easily i dont know what to talk about and act like so he doesnt get bored...


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