I was just thinking and I realized that I have no idea what to do for a Halloween costume this year! I know that with such an awesome collective of creative minds nerdfighteria has had to have come up with some really creative ideas! Any suggestions (Or anecdotes!) would be really great!

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Try being a headcrab zombie :D
I'm going to be "A WITCH!" Complete with a carrot nose and a funnel hat. :] (I'm a Rennie on Halloween, so it has to be period appropriate.) But for my other job, since we can wear costumes that Friday, and it's "Pajama Day", I'm gonna get some Jack Skellington PJ's and slippers. :D

As for you... you could be Waldo! And keep hiding everywhere. :3
I'll be Cotton Mather.
:O Jack Skellington! Awesome.
I may just have to be Waldo...
I've got a few things in mind for myself and they are as follows:

- Brown-Coat (from Firefly universe)
- Detective (because I've got a cool coat and hat that I can use)
- Musician (because I've got a guitar I'm learning to play and an awesome hoodie to be all indie like)

There are a lot of different things you can do if you look around at what you have, instead of what you want to be. (: Hope this helps.
Thanks! I'm just trying to think of something creative. : J
Risky Business. White button up, some shorts, and sunglasses. That's my plan, for now at least. I don't like that so many costumes you buy at the store or online have to be ridiculously slutty :p
I know! It's rare for me to be able to find a good costume in a store. I'm an 18 year old girl but I've never been very tempted to wander around dressed like that! : J
Movie theater floor? My friend did this one year, and all you need is:

Some black clothes you don't mind ruining.
Popcorn, gum, wrappers, candy, paper cups/straws, ticket stubs and/or whatever you can think of...
Tape or glue.

Step one:
Glue the crap all over your clothes.
Let dry.
Wear and enjoy. (Bonus if you can get those strings of lights they have up the aisles to work! :) )
I am going to try my best to re-create a blu spy:


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