I am not a huge supporter of The Amazing Atheist, I agree with some things he says, but overall is a little crude and overly simplistic (although I have watched him a significant amount).  He has a video up where he is conversing with Howard Bloom about politics.  They started out talking about current events in Egypt and comparing it to other revolutions. What they had to say was really interesting and I liked their take on the events.  As they progressed onward, however, they conversation turned to domestic politics, namely health care.  The reason I bring this to the ning's attention is that Hank gets an anonymous shout-out as "a conservative youtuber" who is apparently on an extreme side of the political spectrum (at least for health care).  Although it was a small part of his topic, The Amazing Atheist used Hank's argument rather simplistically.  I'm not upset about how he oversimplified Hank's rational argument, it was not paramount to the overall discussion and it was not like he was bashing Hank.


Kind of a non-sequitor post, just wanted to bring this to the attention of the Nerdfighter community.


Amazing Atheist's Video

--Skip to the 30min. mark--


Hank's video that is referenced

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My friend you have it all wrong, Hank isn't the "Conservative" youtuber Hank is on the other end of thew spectrum according to TJ and he was just making a passing comment on disputes in the healthcare system and using Hank and the "conservative" youtuber as an example of that dispute where one person (Hank) is complaining about the american pharmaceutical system and the other side (Conservative youtuber) is saying it's the best thing in the world.

watch it again and you'll see what i'm saying, I think you confused what TAA was saying.  Hanks point was in no way conservative so i thought something must have been miss said

^This is indeed the truth. AA is supporting Hank's point of view.

weird how i watch both amazing atheist and vlogbrothers, but hank is anything but conservative and the same with TAA. I think it maybe just miscommunicated wrong.


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