Recently, I realized that I know very few people who religiously read the online comic Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. Other than those who I have forced to read the comic and thus causing them to become obsessed aswell, I want ot know if there are any other Hanna fans else where.


If so, you being a Hanna fan, what drew you to reading the comic, or who showed it to you. Why do you love it so much, who's your favorite character, the whole enchilada. I want to know the who's what's when's where's and why's you like this comic.


If you aren't familiar with the offbeat, fun-filled, monster infested comic (don't worry even with monsters this comic is pretty light-hearted) but are still interested in what this discussion is about check out to get started on reading.


Personally, I was intrigued by a cast shot I saw on deviat art, a link in the artist's commetns wisked me away to the glory that is Hanna. I was drawn in further by the fact that I shared a name with the main character (although after meeting Tessa Stone {by the by I gushed and made her feel awkward} it was agreed that he spells his name wrong and is totally jealous his name idn't a palindrome). Contradictory, Hanna is my third favorite character, Vesser being first, then {,,,} and Conrad coming up fourth. 


C'mon, we need more Hanna fans, what's your guys' opinion, this comic will decrease suck and increase awesome I promise!!

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Sweet, a Hanna fan! I was worried nobody here would know what it was, but I suppose the internet is pretty big, isn't it? You get high fives for having awesome taste.

I personally was sucked in back when Tessa got a Daily Deviation on this picture:
Unfortunately, I became interested just as soon as she decided to go on a couple-month hiatus-- which is to say, as soon as Adelaide was introduced and things started getting exciting-- so I eventually trailed off, only to rediscover it several months later through fanart. Huzzah!

It's hard to pinpoint precisely why I love the comic so much, but I do know that I am a huge fan of the art style. The pages have beautiful composition and coloring and such stylish, dynamic lines, and I love how she exagerrates perspective to add so much action even to simple poses and URGHHH I am so jealous.
Other than that, well, I usually tend to love fantasy. But I think that the main appeal is the pure energy that flows out of every page, the life that shines through all of her characters, the manic pace that drives the plot. It's all very eccentric and fun, and yet, if you dig past the wonderfully flashy exterior there are much deeper concepts and questions that are being explored. Plus it tugs my heartstrings like crazy. So. I don't know how to summarize all of that succinctly, but I'm sure there is a way.

Favorite characters, eh? guh. You have no idea how much time I've spent bouncing between stupid favorite characters. They're all too damn lovable! I did cosplay Gallahad at Anime Central, but that was mostly because he's such an icon and my goal was to find more Hanna fans. Um, I guess I like Hanna and Ellipsis and Worth and Conrad and Finas and maybe Toni and Abner the best. (I know Abner's not been in the comic yet but hnghhh I already love him)

... Oh my goodness, brain wave. I wonder if Hanna is a Nerdfighter.
Okay, I've decided: if Hanna is shown in the comic to be a Nerdfighter, he will permanently become my favorite character of all time. No excuses!

Holy wow this is a long comment. Sorry! I talk a lot.
NO feel free to go on! I'm glad someone found this! I do know that Hanna and Conrad have fascebook pages, so if enough fans sugest Hanna be a nerdfigher, who knows what could happen! And I totally agree with your explanation as to why this comic is awesome, glad to see others attempting to make some sense of the bizarre appeal of this comic! I squealed pretty hard at anime expo, both Gallihad, Conrad, and I think 2 Hannas were there...I degress.
*mutters about idiots who don't know how to link to sites*
... Well. Look who forgot to be awesome.
It'd be nice to let people know how to fix their problems instead of throwing condescension at them.
So sorry you couldn't copy paste, or god forbid, type it yourself. The action of pressing keys on a keyboard 10,000 times wil amont ot burning 1 calorie, I'm helping to fight obesity by not linking it.
I saw this. Looked it up, went to begenning and was immedeatly hooked. Bravo to you.
Huzzah! Another Hanna fan on board, welcome to the club! :D

I really enjoy reading this comic.  But they are so short and I fly through them.  When I got to the end of what had been posted I got really depressed.  I wanted to read more.  I have no idea how I got started with this comic.  I think I was looking up comics with vampires and I happened across it.  But after I got started I could not stop.  I have read all of them more than I can count on my two hands. 

My all time favorite character is Conrad.  But I also like Hanna, the zombie(they really need to get him a name), Vesser, Finas, and Toni.  I wish I could tell you why I love it so much but I can't seem to put it in words.  And saying that it is awesome just seems too simple of a way to describe it.  All I can say is that it is funny, creative, and is one of the coolest comics I ever read.  It is good to *see* that other people read and like it.

I love the comic too! Especially the drawings they are amazing, unfortunately I'm not up to date due to lack of time! 

I agree that Hanna should be a nerdfighter! He and conrad are way too awesome not to! Good to find more people that liked it! I found it through tumblr one day and was immediately hooked up!


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