So my math teacher has this thing called "Lame Joke Monday" and I'm known in my classroom because of my Harry Potter junkie-ness.  He has challenged me to give a bad Harry Potter joke and I kind of want to mind-boggle our class with the awesomeness of Harry Potter.  So, I need help on getting some good jokes to bomb the class with.  

What are you're best Harry Potter jokes? :D

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I think all of my Harry Potter jokes are extremely inappropriate for classrooms.

Maybe, where does a witch keep her best spells? In her chamber of secrets.

What did Harry's godfather say to him when he wouldn't stop poking him?
"Stop that now. I'm Sirius."
Knock Knock
who's there?
you know.
you know who?
*proceed to roll on the floor laughing*
A better punchline would be to scream shrilly and run from the room. It's also the more reasonable reply if You-Know-Who is knocking on the door. For safety reasons. =]
Harry runs up to Ron and said "Ron, Ron, Someone killed Dumbledore!"
"Was it serious?" Ron asks.
"No, it was Snape"

Took me about two days to get that. I can be blond sometimes.
Well, I'm not against Hufflepuffs... but Hufflepuff jokes are pretty funny :D

What do you call a Hufflepuff with one brain cell?

What do you call a Hufflepuff with two brain cells?

Why did the Weasley cross the street?
Someone threw a sickle.

Why did Professor Snape stand in the road?

So no one could tell what side he was on.


A blind wizard walks into a pub. He says to the barkeep, "Want to hear a Hufflepuff joke?" The pub goes completely silent. The barkeep says, "Sir, I am a Hufflepuff. I'm used to handling a rough crowd alone. I have my wand drawn. The wizard to your left is an auror with his wand drawn. He too is a Hufflepuff. The witch on your right has her wand drawn. She is a dueling champion and also a Hufflepuff. Are you absolutely certain you want to tell that Hufflepuff joke?"

The blind wizard says, "Gods no! Not if I'm going to have to explain it three times!"

Whats snapes boggart? A cauldron full of Shampoo!

 What does a death eater eat for breakfast? Cruci-O’s!

What did Harry's godfather say to him when he wouldn't stop poking him?
"Stop that now. I'm Sirius."

Harry: You're white.

Sirius: No, I'm Black.

Harry: Stop joking.

Sirius: I'm Sirius.

Nice one!

How many Harry's does it take to change a light bulb?

1, he just holds it and the world revolves around him.


Your mother is so MUGGLE, she thought the floo network was on channel 14!


The Dark Lord goes to a 3D movie. What a waste.

Nice...YOU ROCK...lmao


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