Tell me Nerdfighters. Which is better? Harry Or Twilight?


In my opinion, Harry Potter takes it, hands down. Not only because it's the best series, but because JK Rowling took the time to plan out her plot, she wasn't afraid to scarifice the good guys for, to quote Dumbledore and Gindlewald "the greater good". However, Meyer isn't so great at writing, don't get me wrong, i enjoy the books, but they are nothing compared to Rowlings masterpiece's. Meyer comes up with two pretty much perfect main characters who instantly fall in love based on her scent, and his looks. Also the last book was a complete disappointment. Meyer sets you up for a battle between vampires that'll go down in history that should include nice gory descriptions with blood everywhere and vampires being ripped limb for limb, but instead she makes the characters TALK. IT. OUT. Complete and utter disappointment. However, Rowling makes an epic battle that did go down in history and wasnt afraid to lose quite a few great, nice characters along the way to make you feel more attached and emotional.


Those are only a few of my opinions but I'd like to hear some of yours. So go ahead. Which is better?

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Seriously? The fact that the question even exists is sad. One is an epic social commentary which addresses war, peace, and everything in between, while portraying a huge array of characters complexly and in an entertaining manner. The other is about some chick drooling at sparkly vampires and wolves with six packs. There's just no competition.
I agree wholehartedly.
spot on!
I must agree, It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't blooming sparkle!!!!
Nods in agreement... was about to say the same thing.. sad.. truly sad...
My biggest complaint against Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn was how Jacob imprinted, and then called dibs on Bella's seven year old daughter.

Second wouldn't Edward technically be a pedophile since he is around 400 years old and Bella is around 17 year's old?

Lastly the twilight fanbase is rabid. Normally I wouldn't bash the fanbase but there are reported attacks by fans against people who dislike the series. I would never have believed this until some girl kicked a poster display open at my movie theater for an eclipse poster.
New born baby, not seven year old daughter.
Then why are you here...?
repeat thread is repeat

kthnx bai.
Im with Jacqueline on this one. I didn't like any of twilight, but HP is a different story. That saga started off strong and finished so weak. The last book might as well have been called Harry Potter and the extended camping trip. And how about that final battle. The most deadly curse in the wizarding world is trumped by a friggin noob year one or two spell, come on JK give me a break.
Harry Potter is not a Saga. It has more than 4 measly books. It has 7 epic tales, though if you didn't enjoy it, that's your opinion and I cannot change that.


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