Tell me Nerdfighters. Which is better? Harry Or Twilight?


In my opinion, Harry Potter takes it, hands down. Not only because it's the best series, but because JK Rowling took the time to plan out her plot, she wasn't afraid to scarifice the good guys for, to quote Dumbledore and Gindlewald "the greater good". However, Meyer isn't so great at writing, don't get me wrong, i enjoy the books, but they are nothing compared to Rowlings masterpiece's. Meyer comes up with two pretty much perfect main characters who instantly fall in love based on her scent, and his looks. Also the last book was a complete disappointment. Meyer sets you up for a battle between vampires that'll go down in history that should include nice gory descriptions with blood everywhere and vampires being ripped limb for limb, but instead she makes the characters TALK. IT. OUT. Complete and utter disappointment. However, Rowling makes an epic battle that did go down in history and wasnt afraid to lose quite a few great, nice characters along the way to make you feel more attached and emotional.


Those are only a few of my opinions but I'd like to hear some of yours. So go ahead. Which is better?

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I never understood how or why a book series like Twilight could be compared to a book series like Harry Potter.  Harry Potter is a book enjoyed by millions of people of all ages.  It is an epic adventure fueled by love and good vs evil.  The story will be loved for generations to come. 


Twilight does not have the same background.  It has a very specific audience of females who want to live through the life of Bella Swan (who's name is a cliche in itself.  Beautiful Swan?  C'mon now).  The story is fueled by lust, and in my opinion is just a fad that will not be well remembered after the vampire hype is over.   


I believe it was Stephen King who said "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity.  Twillight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend".

I love that quote. it has been stolen from you. just informing you. :)
I've always said that Harry Potter is a classic epic hero, and Edward Cullen is a classic abusive boyfriend.

Even if you dont look at the plot, you look at the quality of the writing, Harry Potter is the clear winner


Harry Potter hands down. The Books themselves not only brought more to the existing characters, but also continued to expand the harry potter universe. They didn't just stay around Hogwarts. As the story progressed so did the depth.

As for Twlight, I read and enjoyed the books, but i felt like I was reading Saved by the Bell with vampires. It focused too much on (WILL THEY OR WON'T THEY). The story didn't have too much space to expand the universe. 

Harry Potter. and stephanis myers copied jk rowling., this is a topic that has always made me feel a little guilty. See, to be honest, I'm a really slow reader, and the truth is that many of the books I have to read in school frustrate me just because...well, I struggle with it. On that note, I most certainly don't know what makes writing "good." (I also, to an extent, find it to be subjective in a lot of ways.) But I do somewhat enjoy Twilight BECAUSE Meyer spells everything out, etc. And I know that's a really bad thing, but it's just that I like having something that I can follow.


It doesn't mean I love it. I have sort of an interest in the plot, and I have fun having agreeable discussions with fellow sane fans. I also find it sort of cute because I have a tendency to separate myself from how ridiculous the situation is and see it as, "Aw, that's so sweet that he would do anything for her!" I just don't have any critical eye whatsoever. :/


And Harry Potter? I do like the first three books. But by the fourth book, things just seemed...different. However, I most certainly enjoy the first three and am happy to rave about them. Above all, though, all I can say is that John magically taught me to enjoy reading again! ...Well, reading his books anyway. :)

Harry Potter is the only piece of literature in this discussion. Nuff Said.
harry potter. nuff said. harry epic potter.


enough said

This isn't even a question. Harry Potter wins.


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