Has anyone else noticed...(spoiler for Looking For Alaska, but not so much)

The Fault in Our Stars' new publication date (January 10th, 2012) is the anniversary of Alaska Young's mother's death? I noticed this and I found it rather odd...but somehow fitting. Anyway, does anyone out there want to discuss John's books with me? :D

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I would love to! But I probably won't remember much, since I read them a while ago and my memory's storage space has been used up since 5th grade, 


But go ahead and make references and I will try to get them!

I'm always up for discussing one of John's books :)

I only started reading his books on Monday - so far I've read Looking For Alaska and Will Grayson, Will Grayson (which is like, half his book. Or something). They're the only two John Green books any library in my town has, and I'm broke. :P But I'm up for discussing either of those books. :D


that wasn't the original release date. it was pushed to an earlier date , so i doubt the connection was intentional. besides, it's not his decision when to release the book; it is the publishing company's.

I just got the fault in our stars today and I am in love!!

It was very much purposeful. John even mentions it in the video about the TFiOS copies that were prematurely sent out before the release date. He says something along the lines of "Those who have read Looking for Alaska will know the importance of this date to me." I think that's a very cool aspect of this book. It really makes the community and his books seem very interconnected, and it's a certain special link that we as a community have with him and his books. Yay nerdfighteria!

I DO!!!! TFIOS is the FIRST EVER book to make me cry. That means it has touched my heart in a way that no other book has succeeded to do so far. Other books HAVE touched my heart, like the Harry Potter series, but in a different way

Johns books ftw. i actually named my guitars after my fav characters ( margo, for my acoustic and alaska or gus for my electric, i havent decided yet.)


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