Illegal drugs are a source of much debate in the real world with countries like Holland and Portugal straight up decriminalising all of them and countries like Thailand and China putting dealers on death row.

But my question for nerdfighters is have you ever tried an illegal drug (not counting legal drugs at an illegal age) and if so what was your experience with it. Also, what is your stance on the legalisation and sale of so-called light drugs in shops?

Personally, I smoked a joint once and it wasn't what I hoped it to be. I just felt it a bit giddy for a while and that was it. I've gotten better highs out of drinking cider.

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Compare the amount of people who do stupid shit and die while sober, and the amount who do it while high.  Sobriety should be outlawed except while driving.

I've done/do marijuana, i quite like it. It helps a lot with my anxieties and helps me sleep.

That's pretty much the only illegal drug I've done. I think if it was to going to be legalized then it should definitely have age restrictions like alcohol does and we'd tax it to gain a huge profit.

The only illegal drug I really know anything about is pot, which I don't think should be illegal at all. Alcohol is just as dangerous if not more so than smoking pot (excluding pot that has been laced). While both too much alcohol and to much pot can make you sick (throwing up), it is almost impossible to die from an overdose of pot, alcohol poisoning is downright easy to get. While pot has been proven to cause some lung issues (only a fraction of what smoking causes), alchohol can downright ravage your body when taken in excess. Both alcohol and marijuana can cause psychological disorders. And although some people have adverse reactions to pot, the same can be said about alcohol. It depends on the individual. Driving while drunk and driving while high are both equally dangerous ( I don't condone impaired driving). Overall pot is no more dangerous than alcohol is. I personally don't understand why it isn't legal. If they legalized it and incorporated it into our economy, it would bring tons of money to the government, it would be much safer, by taking the possibility of getting laced pot out of the equation, and also really screw with the drug dealers, by taking away business.


I totally agree with alcohol being just as/more dangerous.

Alcohol and pot contribute to the progression of psychological disorders those partaking already have, not cause them. There is a difference.

Either way, still proves my point, alcohol is just as dangerous as pot.

I agree with you, alcohol is dangerous. But it is an incorrect and dangerous premise to state that these substances cause psychological disorders.

What would be the evidence that they only contribute? Research on the psychological effects of pot are inconsistent. It is unclear whether marijuana only contributes to mental health issues, or causes them. As for alcohol, long term use can cause brain lesions, which causes changes in mental ability, personality, mood, and behavior.

I agree with almost everything you said, so please don't take this the wrong way, but smoking one joint cause the same amount of damage as smoking five cigarettes. Other than that small fact (which really doesn't mean much seeing as people smoke a decent amount less marijuana than they do cigarettes) marijuana has the same effects with the same amount of damage. There isn't really a reason that it shouldn't be illegal.

There isn't really a reason that it shouldn't be illegal.


Except that people should be given freedom of choice. It's a personal choice to smoke, and it should remain that.

The main issue with cannabis is that it can cause perminant psycological damage.
I read somewhere sometime ago that the only way to overdose on pot, is to smoke SO MUCH that you literally eradicate the oxygen in your lungs by filling them up with weed. And let's face it, there is no effing way 99.999999% of people could even afford enough weed to do that, let alone smoke it all in one sitting.


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