Hello! My sister, Samantha, is trying to win a piano through Sonny's Piano Tv Contest!
She was ahead for a little bit, but then another person who apparently has a lot of friends also entered and is now about 100 votes ahead of her! So I thought that it would be a good idea to get nerdfighteria to help her!

Here's how you can help:
You can vote twice a day by using two different methods!
Go to and click on sonnys piano tv show link at the top right of the site! Then look for the video labeled Bach Prelude 13--that's Sam, and click vote!

Go to and like the page!
click enter contest, and then click bach prelude 13 and click vote, again!

You can do this twice per day until July 5th I believe!
It would be absolutely wonderful for nerdfighteria to help her win!
Thank you so much! DFTBA:)
Oh and if you want to friend her on here, her username is Samisme!

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I voted both ways, I hope she gets it! We still have time :)

Thank you so much!! :D 


She's at 242 votes right now! The one above her has 402! 

She's in third now :( 

Hey everyone! You can vote until the twelfth! Please help! She is about 2 votes away from going from second place to third! Every vote helps! Thank you!!


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