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Okay, so this year, I'm going to have some really tough exams, and a whole lot of work to do.  I want to capture moments with my family and friends. Little clips and stuff. So when I feel down, I can watch them back and feel better. I also want to start vlogging. I'm fourteen, so obviously I don't have that much money. So I'm looking for advice. Brands, types, price ranges, anything you have.

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Hey there Ella! 

First of all, good luck with your exams this year. I'm sure you're going to do great!

Second of all, I honestly would recommend buying a normal camera for your purposes. Although I adore video a lot (Been messing around with video taking for a year and something now) I think that it takes tons of time to set things and videos just seem really fake sometimes. I think taking photos is much more a memory treasure than a video, because the point of sweet memories are to remember them yourselvs, the way you want to, from just one photo, a memory kinda losses its sentimental value once in video. (Or so I feel, you are free to do whatever you want!)

Second of all, about cameras - you can always ask from your parents to a brand new camera for the start of school. That's what I did last year, and I got a vid camera. If they don't give you enough, all you need is a couple of times of babysitting and you've got enough for a nice camera. 

I highly recommend going for the Canon Powershot series. A Canon SX230 or Canon SX120 can satisfy your needs quite greatly. They are pretty cheap and quite good, their only down is that the mic sucks and that you need AA batteries for them.

As for video cameras, the price jumps quite higher, starting from about 300 $ or so. I'd recommend taking Samsung for a start, their video cameras are user friendly and good. 

Hope I helped!



Thank you so much! This was really helpful and insightful, I'll definitely be looking into it :D



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