help decrease the suck in this girls world! it would mean a lot

hi everyone my name is ana. i am on my friend saras page becuase lucky for me she doesnt log out of anything on her laptop! anyways i am posting this because she is in the hospital fighting for her life and i wanted her to have something to come home to. she is coming home, we all know it. she is just really sick right now.

i am not a nerd myself but i know this whole nerdfighter thing means a lot to her. she has always been wanting more nerdfighter friends and i thought this would be a nice present for her. so getting back on track, i want as many nerdfighters as possible to make her a video or draw her a picture or even send some words of encouragement to her, anything you can think of!

sara is a lovely 18 year old girl who has been through a lot with an unknown illness for about 6 years and she has had a hard life. please do this for her! this is the most awesome present i can think to give her. she loves john and hank and this whole nerd thing so it would mean so much to her if you guys can help with this project. i wanted to get the vlogbrothers to make something for her but do you think that is too ambitious? they are popular, i know. but a simple picture or words of encouragement from you guys will be appreciated!

so ill give you her facebook link and you can add it and i will accept the requests and then you can just start posting stuff to her wall! that is the only way i can think of surprising her but if you guys have any other ideas feel free to tell me!

EDIT: i gave up on it being a mystery, she already knows I'm up to something lol oh well!

thanks guys, please spread the word to other nerdfighters and lets make this huge!

Her facebook:

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thank you so much :D i see why sara loves this nerdfighter thing so much you guys are so awesome! im glad this thing little project is working, i was worried at first that no one would get involved but im happy that it is and so is her family, they are going to show her all of the nerdfighter posts on her wall as soon as she wakes up, im excited to hear about how she reacts!
if all goes well she should be gettting a package from south bend later this week!
awesome, thank you!! :D
How can I help through youtube?
do you have a youtube account? i was thinking someone could make a video explaining what we are doing and asking nerdfighters to get involved and then post it as a video response to one of john or hanks recent videos. and someone also suggested putting a link to this discussion page in the description of the video which is a good idea :] i would do this myself but i dont have a youtube account....or even a camera lol but if someone with both these things could do it that would be great!
i don't have a youtube but my cousin does so maybe i can try and put something together and have her post it, but no guarantees. I think that as many people as possible should do this tho, so it gets more attention.
that would be great if you guys can :]
Maybe I can put something together tomorrow. No promises. But I will try.
and if anyone has video footage, pictures, etc. They'd like included in a video message me on here and I'll give you my email and I'll include it. :)
oh and everyone who posts a video should probably include some common phrase in the title so that they're easily recognizable/searchable
Your friend is beautiful, and I really hope she keeps on being awesome! The request will be sent and the picture will be uploaded in a matter of hours : )
Hi, I can't get my video to attach to the email. Is there another way I could get it to you? If I transferred the file to you on msn or posted it on youtube?
I'll help! :)


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