help decrease the suck in this girls world! it would mean a lot

hi everyone my name is ana. i am on my friend saras page becuase lucky for me she doesnt log out of anything on her laptop! anyways i am posting this because she is in the hospital fighting for her life and i wanted her to have something to come home to. she is coming home, we all know it. she is just really sick right now.

i am not a nerd myself but i know this whole nerdfighter thing means a lot to her. she has always been wanting more nerdfighter friends and i thought this would be a nice present for her. so getting back on track, i want as many nerdfighters as possible to make her a video or draw her a picture or even send some words of encouragement to her, anything you can think of!

sara is a lovely 18 year old girl who has been through a lot with an unknown illness for about 6 years and she has had a hard life. please do this for her! this is the most awesome present i can think to give her. she loves john and hank and this whole nerd thing so it would mean so much to her if you guys can help with this project. i wanted to get the vlogbrothers to make something for her but do you think that is too ambitious? they are popular, i know. but a simple picture or words of encouragement from you guys will be appreciated!

so ill give you her facebook link and you can add it and i will accept the requests and then you can just start posting stuff to her wall! that is the only way i can think of surprising her but if you guys have any other ideas feel free to tell me!

EDIT: i gave up on it being a mystery, she already knows I'm up to something lol oh well!

thanks guys, please spread the word to other nerdfighters and lets make this huge!

Her facebook:

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I have absolutely no idea what you are going to try and do but I will go get my video camera now :) Might take a little while to get it to you though
i cant wait to see the outcome of this, thank you again sooo much!
If you give me a few hours I will have some footage to add to this! Sorry just got off of work and need to clean up a bit.
I think this is all a great idea. i hope we can get Hank and John involved =]
me too! i accepted a request on her facebook from john but i dont know if its his real account or not
If it was a friend request, it's not. John maxed out the number of friends he is allowed to have on Facebook a long time ago. Unless he made a second account, which I don't think he did.
its this account!/realjohngreen?v=info&ref=ts
i can never tell what is real and what is fake these days :P
Ana, I believe that's John's real account. The limit on friends is 5,000 and John has 4,700ish. He doesn't usually accept friend requests from us, I guess because if he accepted some he'd have to accept the zillion requests that he would get. He probably wants to save his last 'friend' spots for people that he actually knows in real that's pretty cool that he friend requested Sara! Hopefully that means that he'll write to her or something, I'm sure that would make her day!
oh yay that is so cool!! even if he doesn't write to her she is going to be sooo happy that he requested her :D
That does indeed look like John's real account. He must have unfriended some people since I tried sending him an invite a year or so ago, it sent me an instant response then telling me his friends list was full.
yeah he must get lots of requests and stuff, i didn't even know of john until 2 weeks ago! i'm growing to love the vlogbrothers :D
I posted on her facebook and a couple of us UConn Nerdfighters will be sending some things in the mail as well. :)


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