As most of you already have heard, Terry Jones is a pastor in Florida, who is leading his congregation in burning Korans on September 11th. The hatefulness of this act is horrible, and, despite the efforts and condemnation of many, he persists, promising to follow through on this atrocious act.
The consequences of burning a Koran are incredible. While Terry Jones does have the constitutional right to do whatever he pleases, his actions reverberate throughout the world, impacting the lives of many. Protests have already started in countries worldwide; embassies have been advised to heighten their security. It is speculated that because of the rash actions of a few, Americans will be hated and killed worldwide. The views of a few outliers do not define the views of many.

Because it is impossible to convince him out of this hateful deed, the next best step is to stop the action at its source. Shun this act, show the world that it is so insignificant that it will not be covered or any attention payed to it. The act of one does not represent the beliefs of all.. If the videos and pictures of the burning are plastered all over the internet, the hatred will only be perpetuated. Soldiers and citizens will lose their lives, and terrorists will be given a rallying call against America.

Please help stop the spread of this hate, contact the newspapers, CNN, NBC, FOX, anywhere that has the power to spread it. Let them know that if they cover it, they are responsible for the deaths that come from this hateful man. Contact your local representative, your congressperson, anyone who wields in his or her hands the power to change.

DFTBA, and thank you. <3

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