I am not going to school for the rest of the year, and my parents want me to do something while I'm waiting for September to roll around. We decided I might as well learn an instrument of some sort. Do you guys have any suggestions? And NO I'm not going to learning to play guitar.

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Piano's pretty awesome. And I think it makes it easier to learn how to read and play music in general. Or you could just choose your favourite instrument.
I agree, piano is awesome! :D
:( Why not guitar? Oh well... umm...

What about the ukulele? Drums (just because it'd be fun to annoy your parents with... or is that just me that thinks like that? XD). Or a zither! The piccolo? The didgeridoo! Won't have many friends who play that.
Hi! That's great that you're choosing a project :) I play the violin, and I think it's great. It's really diverse; for example, I play classical music, but I can also switch techniques and play Irish music instead. You could do the same with country music, if that's your thing. And they even make electric violins for rock musicians as well!
Plus, you can play the violin in almost any setting. You can practice alone, join an orchestra, perform solo, play in an Irish session (basically a word for a jam session), or play a duet with almost any other instrument. A lot of instruments are kind of hard to play along with others, but you can play the violin with a string quartet, any stringed instrument, or really any other instrument...When I play Irish music, I've played with an accordionist, harpist, flautist, etc.

Follow what your gut tells you...but personally, I've always loved the violin! Let me know if you have any questions about the violin (or any other instruments, I've played Irish and classical music for 10 years now, so I can probably help). Good luck!
I play the flute, so of course that's what I recommend. I think it'd be pretty hard to learn if you don't have the right shaped mouth, though. And braces make it really difficult as well. If not flute, I'd definitely say piano. Not convinced? Listen to some of David Nevue's music and you will immediately want to learn. :P I hope you're successful in whatever you choose!
Baritone Saxophone It is an awesome instrument i like it loads or Ukulele. Uke is really fun especially when accompanied by kazoo.
the ocarina.
YES. I was going to suggest this.But you beat me to it.
I play tablas, this cool two-drum thing from India. And that's all I play, so I guess I'll suggest that. XD

Rather than playing with your palms or with sticks, you actually use your fingers individually or in pairs to make most of the sounds. It's difficult sometimes, but quite awesome. So yes. Tablaaaas.
Accordion, piano, trumpet, drums, saxophone? All good instruments

Also all not a guitar
the sackbut...not even sure they have those around anymore...but it would be awesome to say you learned to play the sackbut


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