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Over a year ago, I watched my first Doctor Who episode on BBC America. Unfortunently, at the time, I thought it was really really stupid (in retrospect it was "The Unicorn and the Wasp". A few months later, in July I decided to try again, because there was nothing else on TV. This time, it was "Time of Angels" Oh.My. Gosh. I fell head over heals for Matt Smith and decided that I NEEDED to figure out what this was all about. The plot was unbelievable. The monsters were scary. It was creative. And Matt was adorable. So, I turned to Nerdfighteria to help me out. I found a website to watch all of Season 5 for free and did, loving ever second of it. I was totally addicted to Doctor Who telling anyone who would listen about "A 907 year old doctor who travels through time and space in a blue box". My mom later got Netflix and Season 1 (All praise Christopher Eccleston) was finished in matter of days. It was then when I discovered Torchwood. Armed with Netflix, I tackled Season 1 and 2 of that along with almost all of Doctor Who (who can live without David Tennat. I'm also watching all of his other movies. I'm a fangirl, yeah).


NOW: I have "Children of Earth" left to watch. And 3 episodes of Doctor Who season 4 left. I know the new season of DW starts in March and I am so excited, but....I've been stressing out about what's going to happen when I finish my two favorite shows.


Please, Nerdfighters, come to my aid! What other awesome, Nerdy shows are there out there? I've heard of Dollhouse and Fireflies, but don't really know what they are about.


Help, I NEED MY SCI FI fix!!!!!!!!


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Firefly Firefly Firefly!
What is it about? I hear about it a lot, but dont really get it.
Space western.  Epic.


If you're watching on Hulu, make sure you pay attention to the episode numbers, because they're in the wrong order. Per usual :p

Stargate (all 3 series, they all rock), Star Trek TOS and TNG (STOP after TNG, and only watch every other movie starting with number 2 and just skipping the last two before the newest one), Heroes (feel free to stop at season 1), and Walking Dead kicks all the ass in the world.
Eureka is one of my favorite scifi shows that's still on. And of course I agree that you should watch Firefly!

Dude, Firefly is like, amazing (albeit tragically short). And both that and Dollhouse were directed by Joss Whedon, so if you watch those and like them, try Buffy or Angel.


And I really, really love Supernatural, which is about these two bros who fight monsters and in the later seasons it gets all crazy with the apocalypse and angels and stuff and it is awesome. I guess it's not technically sci-fi, but you should still check it out.

Doll House!! It was tragically short, but amazing none the less. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood . It's anime, but it's damned amazing even to people who aren't into anime(I think it counts a sci-fi, anyways) Lastly, theres No Ordinary Family. 
Does anyone know anything about the Sarah Jane Smith adventures? I just watched an episode of Doctor Who, and she was mentions, but i din't really know what that show is.

It's also a good show. Not as good or serious as Torchwood or Firefly, but good.

- Star Trek

- Supernatural (warning: It takes a little while to get into it. The first season is pretty boring but it gets better.)

And some other wonderful nerdy shows that are not Sci Fi

- BBC's Sherlock

- Merlin (It's a fantasy show on BBC and is hilarious and fantastic)

- Broadchurch (It's a serious crime show. David Tennant is the main character and Arthur Darvill (Rory) is in it.)

Misfits! Misfits! Misfits! A lot of gore though, but if that's not too much of a problem for you, it's totally worth it anyway.

I'm watching Orphan black right now, and it's pretty good. I enjoy watching Tatiana Maslany play several very different characters, especially when they interact with each other.


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