Help me incorporate Nerdfighteria in my two advanced school projects?!

 Bonjour people! My name's Hannah, and I'm in 6th year (which is the last year of school in Scotland). I am sitting Advanced English, and I am also doing the Languages Baccalaureate with my English, Advanced French, and Spanish. These are what I need help with. 

 So, English! As part of Advanced Higher English, I need to write a dissertation using a few books or poems or plays. I really really really want to use some of John's books, particularly The Fault In Our Stars, but I have no idea what the title of the dissertation could be, and what other books I could use with it. Do you know any books that are similar to the Fault In Our Stars in its themes that i could read over the summer and that are adequate enough to write an intelligent piece on? Or some way that i could link some of John's books together with themes/issues, etc? Nerdfighters and English are like soulmates in my opinion, so I turn to you!

 Also, as part of my Languages Baccalaureate, I need to do an Interdisciplinary Project. It's really hard to explain, but I basically need to do an investigation something to do with languages. I originally wanted to do something about breaking down the stereotypes Brits have of the French, and vice versa, to encourage tourism to both countries, stronger relations between the actual public themselves, and a greater interest in the cultures of the respective countries. Sadly, my teacher told me it was a rubbish idea and now I'm at a loss. I need to have something ASAP as when I go to Strasbourg in October the project needs to be pretty much wrapped up... Any ideas?

Sorry for the huge essay of helplessness, but I need ideas!!!

Merci in advance, lots of love, Hannah! Mwah!

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Have you been reading John's TFIOS blog?  That might give you some thematic ideas for the first one. 

I haven't actually! Thanks for the advice, I'll check it out!


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