Help Please! It involves Hank's The answer is this youtube channel!

What was in Hank's "congrats" video. When I finally found it it was taken down but I had been searching really hard, please help me!

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In "", "nerdfighters" is the domain name, simply put.
is there some sort of easy answer to this? it baffles me. maybe i'm thinking too hard
yes there is a very easy answer you just have to know the right place to look
It is pretty easy considering I figured it out. The domain name (the part before .com) is something we use online almost every day.
ooh thanks it was easy
so I'm an idiot! I still can't figure out the domain. I tried and it didn't work. Youtube, wikipedia, google, none of them work! gah!
Are you sure? Thats how I found it back then, I just typed "theansweristhis" into googles' search bar and it found the domain for me.
What he said ^^
Just google theansweristhis, that should give you the result.


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