Psssst, hey, you, yes you with the computer and the incredibly attractive visage. I need your help.

You see, I have this girlfriend that I have been in Nerdfghter-like with for over a year now, and our school is getting ready for prom and everything so I need to ask her to that.

But seeing as I am a Nerdfighter, and I have friends in Nerdfighteria (Did I mention how attractive you all are?) I figured that I would ask her in a way that was made of awesome. I have already written her a song which I am going to play in a video in order to ask her to prom, but looking at my face the entire time would be boring. That's where all of you (And your beautiful faces) come in.

I need people to please take pictures of themselves holding up signs saying "Prom?" or "Say yes Amber!" that will be going by as the song plays. Of course it would be awesome if people added their own little marks to the sign like "DFTBA" or "French the Lama just go with him." I don't know, have fun with it!

I feel like it goes without saying that it would mean the world to me if you guys could help me out. Best Wishes, and DFTBA Nerdfighters!


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Sounds nice :) I will do it

Sounds great! I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I'll start making a sign.

This is why I love this community so much T-T You guys are just the greatest. I'm going to post the final video on youtube and as a response to vlogbrothers videos, so hopefully it get's seen how awesome we can be. DFTBA!

Also does anyone else have tumblr? I will follow anyone I find out is a nerdfighter XD

Right? only in nerdfighteria would you get random volunteers to help you ask someone to prom.

I think the fact that I got responses here faster than I did with my own friends on facebook who know BOTH OF US in real life... yeah, it say something about this place.

Awesome idea! I will start working on a sign now :)

Thanks Claire! (There was a character in an old novel of mine named after you.)

Awesome! Um, stupid question potentially, but I'm new to the Ning, how do I send you the photo?

Or you can email me at

Yay for technology.

Also Gale, there is that awkward moment when you can't link me to a file on your computer. It would have to be hosted somewhere on the internet :P so I am going to reference the email above. Sorry.

Just wanted to throw a shoutout to Claire and Galle for their amazing pictures. DFTBA everyone! (By the way, I'll link the video when I've got enough pictures.)


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