As glad I am that I can relate with other shy people, I'm still terrible at making friends, even over the internet! And I love internet friends...Even with just the little amount of experience I have. 

So, I propose that we say a couple of things about ourselves, and maybe some Nerdfighters will see they want to become close to this person, and voila! Friends! I'll get us started.

My name's Valerie, but I don't think I've ONCE been called that by my brother in all my almost 16 years. He says Baledie. 

A couple of my fandoms are:

Doctor Who

Harry Potter

My Little Pony

Invader Zim


Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride

I love to read, but I feel guilty that I don't have any proper books on my bookshelf because I can't afford to buy all the ones I want. I don't really like the girly books, mostly because of the unrealistic couples coming to be, but sometimes it's nice, because you can just let go and go all mushy :P But if it's a dark cover with half a girl visible, it just goes over my head. Give me...unusual, slightly outlandish and paranormal. John's are amazing, but really intimidating sometimes.

Same goes with movies; I'm no longer a huge fan of chick flicks, except on occasion. I'm teaching myself to not wimp out at scary movies!

Not a gamer girl though. I just like video games. Mostly adventure. Brother never lets me play on the xbox though. And I have yet to get Alice Madness Returns.

Um, um, K, to be honest, I'm not sure what I like. But I'm always looking for people to show me! :P I like exploring. I live in Ottawa, so downtown has a bunch of cute little shops. But no one really to go with.... I feel like I can be zany inside, and I'd probably be a lot of fun at a party...but my shyness has stopped me from getting out there a lot. Gonna see the world one day...I hope.

Biggest fear is that I miss out on life, but I'm trying to convince myself that high school doesn't have to live up to some popularizes, albeit kinda true standards. I'm just...different.

There! Some facts, and an insecurity to boot! Now how about you??

Oh wait! I'm latin, short, crazy curly hair, and because I loved the style so much, I got into Anime/Manga. Reading/watching a couple right now.

K, go! I'll add more later if someone posts sometime I can relate to. Yay maybe friends!

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This is a really good idea!  :)

I'm Rachel, but everyone calls me Rae.  At least, they have for the past 10 years.  (I'm 19, by the way, haha)

I'm a major Scarhead (Harry Potter fan), I read a lot of webcomics (usually game related), I watch Merlin, Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Big Bang Theory, and Bones, and I recently got into Doctor Who.  I've always been nuts about sci-fi and reading, so the show seemed kind of perfect.  Oh, I'm also a huge music freak, I listen to absolutely everything and have a tendency to sing along at full voice if I know the words.  Especially when what I'm listening to are Irish drinking songs.  :)

My favorite place in the entire world is this independent bookstore near my school's campus, it has floor to ceiling bookshelves and coffee pots scattered throughout the store.  It's just cozy and comfortable and wonderful and smells like heaven.  :)

I used to be a gamer, but then one of my older brother's friends told me that girls can't play video games and I had a meltdown and stopped playing for a really long time...but now I'm getting back into gaming, and I am SO excited to finally play the newer versions of Mario Bros and actually try Zelda!  (Granted, I'm easing back in by starting out with my old Gameboy Color again...but I'll progress to the PS2 soon, haha)

I'm from Northern California, but I'm going to be moving to an as-of-yet unknown location next year.  Kind of nervous about that.  I'm really bad at meeting people, so it could end up being three years of hell, but at the same time it could be awesome.  Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I'm not really shy in a quiet way...more in an awkward and extremely self-conscious way.  As in, I'll talk to people I don't know, but it always ends up being contrived and weird and incredibly awkward for all people involved.  So I'm not really sure how this post is going to come out but I'm trying my hardest to actually be myself and not pretend to be something I'm not.

I've tried a little bit of everything, and I'm kind of an all-purpose nerd-- I'm interested in all things academic and intellectual, but I'm also slightly obsessed with books and writing and just being in nature (because I'm a hippie...), PLUS I have a slight tendency to get spazzy when I'm with old friends and usually end up either climbing a tree or tackling someone.  Heh.  So...I dunno, it would take way too long to type out all my interests, so you get that measly explanation.  :)  OH, I'm a performance major in college- was music theater, but I'm changing to a straight-up acting program, which is why I'm moving- I'm transferring, and may end up out of the country.  EEK.

Uhhhh...I'm somewhere between tall and short (5'6"? Ish?), have blondish-brown hair that up until last week was long enough to sit on and that I'm currently really tempted to dye odd colors, and absolutely agree with Valerie about popular standards--I am me, I like who I am, and if anyone wants to change that, they can go suck a lollipop and cry to their parents because I'm happy being unique.  :D

I'm kind of just following Valerie's format, but I don't really want to post my worst fear on here just because I feel a little bit like saying it and admitting that I'm afraid it might happen will just be asking for it to...well, happen.  So...I'll keep that to myself for now.

I hope I didn't write too much...

I'm shy in the same way! I try really hard to make conversation and stuff, but often times it just doesn't come out the way I want it to. It's something that makes me so sad sometimes, especially when I see how easy it is for some people.

Ooh, I've really wanted to see Once Upon A Time, but I missed the pilot when it aired and then felt overwhelmed by the prospect of catching up. It looks really, really good though. 

Oh yay!!!  It's so annoying, I'll say something and mean nothing but the best, but it'll come out all wrong and then everyone looks at me like I'm insane.  -_-

It's really good!  Honestly, the pilot episode was the slowest one, it's gotten a lot more interesting since then.  :D  I definitely suggest watching it once the season's done, just for the fun of it!

Same here! I have to be really, really in my element in order to socialize well, and that happens so rarely that I usually just come off as a total idiot.

Yay! I really want to watch it. Maybe once it comes out on DVD, or if it's ever on netflix instant, haha, I'll try to get into it. The cast seems great, and I love the concept.

Hi, I'm another 19-year-old Rachel! :)

And I'm like you and Abbie, I'm shy in the same way. I don't really mind talking to people (though I usually don't talk unless someone talks to me first), but unless I'm totally comfortable with the person, it just end up awkward... which means I'm not close many people.

High fives for being nineteen and having the best name EVAH!  :)

I definitely know what you mean.  Conversation with people I don't already know generally end with that weird silence where you just know that the other person is trying to think of a polite way to leave.  XD

Hello! This is a great idea. I find it really hard to make friends, so.. yeah.

I'm Rachel, and I'm nineteen.

Things I like include:

Doctor Who

Harry Potter

Music (My Chemical Romance and the Dresden Dolls especially.)

Art. I'm going to college for photography, but I like all types of art (and art history!)

I really like to read. My favorite author is probably Neil Gaiman, but I read a lot of different things. My favorite books are long books. I like comics, too (Neil Gaiman is my favorite author mainly because of Sandman.) 

I'm horrible at video games and anything competitive, so I stay away from games and sports, haha.

Yeah, I think I'm kind of an art-literature-movies & tv nerd, since I'm really bad at math, and though I like science and technology, I just can't understand it. Which sucks, because photography involves a lot of math, science, and technology.

My appearance... I'm 5'4", I have blonde hair a bit past my shoulders, and I wear glasses. I dyed my hair red for about two or three years, though, so there's still a lot of red in it.

Um.. yep. Hi again :)

Yes! Doctor Who, Harry Potter, MCR and Neil Gaiman? You have great taste, haha.

There hasn't been a post here in a bit, but I love this idea. I have trouble meeting new people. =3

Hello, my name is Celia, I'm a freshman in highschool. Most people think my name is really Cecilia, but its not. Just...Celia.

My passions are art, music, language, literature, and learning.

I am a left-handed tea drinker.

Some of my favorite places in the world are libraries, antique shops, museums, and half-price books.

I love the impressionistic period for both art and music, they are huge inspirations of mine. Although one of my absolute favorite artists, Klimt, doesn't fall into that movement.

My favorite book is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, and I have fallen quite hard for the musical, as well.

Indie/folk is my favorite music genre, I love musicians such as Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, Florence + the Machine, and Simon and Garfunkel. I play the piano and tenor trombone.

I'm learning American Sign Language, and I'm developing a love and admiration for the Deaf community and their beautiful language. I wish I knew Arabic and Elvish. Maybe someday...

I'm quite the introvert, I prefer books to wild parties, individual projects to group projects. I have some difficulties meeting people or even confronting them (I also have terrible blushing issues), but I have many friends that I cherish. In fact, I can even become loud around them. XD

As for appearance...I'm half Caucasian and half Lebanese. I have fair skin, hazel eyes, and wavy-ish hair that's brown and black. I'm on the tall side (5'9'') and I love wearing long skirts, dresses, and moccasins. =33


And it's nice to meet you. <3

Hello Cilia! 

What is your favorite ASL sign? Mine is, "Awkward turtle had babies."

Bonjour all!

I'm Rebekah. I currently live in Ohio, USA for uni, but I am originally from Oregon, USA. I am a first year, studying biology with a pre-med concentration. After I get my bachelor's degree, I plan to move to Quebec, Canada for grad school; I want to be a forensic anthropologist - like Brennan from "Bones," but the real version and a strict lab rat. Oh, and next year or the year after I plan to study abroad in England for four-six months.

I absolutely love books; certifiable bibliophile. I have a full bookshelf, but not nearly as many books as I would like. I have tons of adventure fiction, like Clive Cussler and Jack DuBurl. I have stated getting into more non-fiction recently. I have fewer than ten chick-flick books, but, like someone else said, sometimes they're nice since the topics are so fluffy. 

I hate coffee, love tea, bake as much as I can. I am a vegetarian. Other than reading and writing in the blog I recently started, I mostly go to my classes - which I completely adore - and ride my horse. I am also trying to learn French, as well as some ASL from my (hearing) roommate. 

I, like you, have trouble making friends, either online, or in person.

I don't play many video games, though I started Assasin's Creed just before leaving for uni. I'm thinking of starting a Zelda game, maybe. 

I watch Switched at Birth, Doctor Who (best show ever!), Bones, Criminal Minds, and some Burn Notice. 

I would love to set up a Nerdfighter gathering around Cleveland, OH.

So, friends?


Thank you. I hope you had a good day as well. About which classes are you interested in writting?


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