Horrifying, terrifying, disgusting, terrible, awful, world-shattering, sanity-destroying events you've experienced which you will eternally recollect with grotesque clarity

Discuss them here.  Come on, tell us all about it.

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Can the title of this thread count as one?


You first!
Saw your face.
....have you ever been on a stage, in a dog costume, in front of like 60 people, many of which have video cameras, with a guy in an elvis suit, singing "hound dog" and making you do tricks?

and neither of you were drunk at the time?

that vacation sucked.
Being in hospital after trying to kill myself. The nurses were rude and the psychiatrists yelled at me. This lady visiting her sick Mother came over and spoke to me. She said I was 'much too beautiful to have a sad life'. It was an odd comment. I remember lying there for hours by myself, there was nothing to do and they wouldn't let me go home. I wasn't safe. Eventually got put in this half-way house instead. It was pretty grim, especially since I kept on throwing up as I'd ODed. Yay cheerfulness!
That sounds like Hel....pun intended.

fuck that, glad you're still with us Hel.  that shit's rough, keep on rockin'


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