I want everyone to say how your counting down to Let's Kill Hitler.


I'm counting down by marking my arm when I see the scilence, I've got 3 marks. I Encourage others to do this too.

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YES!!! David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston are amazing in the role as the Doctor.
Ooh....I really want to!  But, but, I'm a bit scared because EVERYBODY was soooo sad when David Tennant left, that I get this idea that when I've watched all of his episodes knowing that he'll be leaving soon It'll dim my enthusiastic love of the current doctor.
But hes too good to miss out on! "Everybody knows that everybody dies" (:
David was my first Doctor, at least that I could remember, so I do favor him. However most people do favor their first so you'll probably still really love Matt Smith.
I swear the Silence are in my house! No joke, at my dads new house there's this door that leads to the "basement/supply" area of the house and every time I walk by it the door is open. I need to bring a pen/sharpie with me next time. Because I look but of course I don't remember. I think I'll make a mini calendar on my arm to count down the days!
Those things are getting to me too. I almost never open my closet door and last night it was open. I was almost  too scared to get up and close it again.
every few minuets i turn on the telly just to be sure


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