How is it possible that so many people believe in God but there really isn't much proof with him. And the bible for one thing. There have been things in there that have been proven wrong, like the creation story so wouldn't that put everything else up for grabs? And for Christians who think God is all forgiving and loving and whatnot, if he really is like that then why would he create a Hell? Why would he send anyone that he loves and created on his own, knowing what he was doing to a placy like Hell? So is Hell just a hoax? Or is the whole religion thing?

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Hey, dude. First off, God didn't MAKE Hell. Satan did. Jesus (Who is God's son) liberated Hell and allowed people to go to Heaven. I know that He's real because one day, I was debating him. I acted like you. "If God's real, why are all these bad things happening?" (Note, this was a really bad part of my life. I've been Christian my whole life, but haven't divulged into it too much until lately; worth it 100%.) Then I read some of the Bible. It said something like "If you don't have friends, God's always there." At that moment, there was this huge explosion, an indescribable feeling inside of me. I started crying. (I don't cry much.) And I smiled. I felt so happy, I wanted to cling to that feeling forever. It was amazing. That's how I know God's real. He's lived in me, and still is.

Hey, dude. First off, God didn't MAKE Hell. Satan did.


God sent Satan to hell. Hell was created as a place for those who rebelled against God. God didn't want anyone of us to go to hell though, hence Jesus.

God didn't want anyone of us to go to hell though, hence Jesus.


God didn't want anyone to go to hell, so after around a hundred thousand years of people existing he sends our savior to a place so deep in the asscrack of nowhere that it will take over a thousand years for word of it to spread to much of the world.  If he didn't want anyone to go to hell, you'd think he would have just not created evil talking snakes, or maybe given Adam and Eve some concept of right and wrong.

1. Abraham went to heaven, justified by faith. Quite clearly, it is possible for people to have been judged and absolved before Jesus, because what Jesus did would last for all time.

2. God didn't create evil talking snakes. The devil was lucifer, who chose to do what he did.

3. God gave Adam and Eve enough knowledge so that they would listen. They knew who God was and thus why he should be listened to.

@Vertigo One Goodness... You're right. I feel stupid.

@Kenny It's a challenge for us. The snake was to test Humans. To see if they'd fall into temptation. And, well, they did.

Somethings, like GOD, are so frieking amazing that you need no 'proof'. GOD will never give us 'proof' that He exists, beause he wants us to have the choice to worship him or not. Even if Jesus came riding down from Heaven in all of His glory, I doubt that people would believe. It's freiking amazing what the human race can convince itself.


GOD is not intellectual. Even if there was 'proof', a huge amount of the stuff, it would still be 'proven' fake, or 'inconclusive'. That is just the way it is.


Side Note: The creation story hasn't been proven wrong. I take it that you believe in Evolution, then.

The reason why I am putting that thing ' around proof is because I know that He is real. I cannot even begin to say how shocked I am that some people donot believe in Him. I have known that some people donot believe in GOD my whole life, but it still shocks me.

If you had lived in a society and an environment of people who all believe in Leprechaun, have books about Leprechaun that tell of wonderous miracles Leprechaun did 500 years ago, and have the societal obligation to regularly worship Leprechaun in a special house, would you then think that Leprechaun is real as well, like most other people around you?

And if you believed you had evidence for said Leprechauns, what would you do. Simply dismiss them because you're convinced Leprecahauns don't exist, or be objective and look at the evidence.


I say this, because when it comes to the gospels, the main objection most people have is simply that its supernatural, and that's it. Supernatural doesnt happen. But if it did, and you had evidnece, what would you think...

I would try to explain it through scientiffic means. If I couldn't, I would continue trying, but pay attention to more urgent matters, passing the evidence that supported the Leprechaun theory in the first place off as possibly not-so-accurate.


The universe follows order. God, being unbound by order, is naturally chaos. We have yet to find any chaos in the universe, so I have no logical reason to believe in a God. I still do, mind you, but I don't think it's something I can claim as fact.


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