How is it possible that so many people believe in God but there really isn't much proof with him. And the bible for one thing. There have been things in there that have been proven wrong, like the creation story so wouldn't that put everything else up for grabs? And for Christians who think God is all forgiving and loving and whatnot, if he really is like that then why would he create a Hell? Why would he send anyone that he loves and created on his own, knowing what he was doing to a placy like Hell? So is Hell just a hoax? Or is the whole religion thing?

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Heres a link that will explain every single one of your questions, and more if you continue to research. :)



I know a guy who tried that. He went from fundie to atheist thanks to doing so.
I read about someone who did the opposite.

I think this is my hint to join in.



So Savannahs comment might be correct and it might be wrong. Saying it will answer Craving some Craven's questions is stretching it though. Which was the reason I brought the ex-christian up in the first place.

Let me answer your question with a question. Why do you think God is so bad because of hell, when he went through the worst emotional and physical pain possible to make sure that we would not have to go there?


There have been things in there that have been proven wrong, like the creation story so wouldn't that put everything else up for grabs?


Depends upon your interpretation.

Cute. I'll tell Anne Frank that when I meet her in hell. That'll cheer her up.




Look, cleaning up after your own damn mess is something kids learn by the age of eight. It's not anything special.

Erm, how was it GOD'S mess?


We're the ones who sinned, it was OUR doing. We did not have to.

Oh. Sure. Because creating a race of self propogating, sentient, extremely curious monkeys, a fiery inferno for them to go to if one of them makes so much as one mistake, and a way for them to make said mistake in the first place (all while knowing the goddamn future, no less) is a really good idea.

...not one mistake. People don't go to hell for doing something like stealing a candy bar, and since all sins are seen as the same in His eyes there isn't really one single mistake that could make a person go to hell, even if it's ridiculously horrible like (OMG SARCASM ALERT) Abortion or Homosexuality..

Not according to Verty. :/

Well he doesn't seem like a very fun guy anyway.


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