my story is a little strange.

my friend, when she sleeps over, likes to write on me because it's funny. one time she wrote' paper towns' on my back. i asked her what that was and she told me about the book. and then, coinsidentily, i found an abandoned copy in my school. i remembered that my friend wrote it on my back, so Ii opened it up. i read the cover on the inside(i don't know why, but i like to know about the auther before i read it) and it said'go to' so i did. TADA!

so what i want to know is how you found out about the nerdfighters.

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I watched videos by someone and she kept mentioning Nerdfighters and I wanted to find out what she was talking about but I really didn't know how so I kind of gave up with that. Then I can't remember how I came upon their channel, watched a few of their videos, liked them and decided to watch all of them from the beginning.
didn't Hank say once that there was like 75 years of footage out of their videos?
I think it was something to do with amount of views all their videos had equalled to a 75 year old person.
oh, thats right.
A friend posted posted 'Israel! Gaza! Puppy!' on facebook. I thought it was great, and watched the back log of videos. Naturally I came across the ning in the process
My sister invited me.

.....Probably the most boring story here.
Same with me.

Except with me, ninjas were involved.
Wow! How much did that cost her?
Oh, you know, the usual. Ten pounds of gold and vial of maiden's blood.
I'm one of those nerds who rode in on the Accio Deathly Hallows wave.
I second that.


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