my story is a little strange.

my friend, when she sleeps over, likes to write on me because it's funny. one time she wrote' paper towns' on my back. i asked her what that was and she told me about the book. and then, coinsidentily, i found an abandoned copy in my school. i remembered that my friend wrote it on my back, so Ii opened it up. i read the cover on the inside(i don't know why, but i like to know about the auther before i read it) and it said'go to' so i did. TADA!

so what i want to know is how you found out about the nerdfighters.

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i also got addicted due to the harry potter song, i watched a few videos and couldnt stay away.
Ok, my older sister took a Young Adult Liturature class and her teacher told her to read Looking for Alaska... she said it was aweomse and gave it to me. I read it and thought it was amazing, later that day (befor i was done with the book) i was on youtube and on the main page i saw a song called Accio Deathly Hallows!!!... so i had to click on it :)////and i said THIS is the most amazing song ever. I sent it to my sister....then i did some reaserch on this guy named Hank Green (i didnt make the connection.. because there are so many people with that last name.) then this thing called Brotherhood 2.0 came up, and i was like huh....

and here we are today.
Went on youtube, saw ADH on the front page, and watched.

But it wasn't ADH that hooked me. After that I saw that the same guy had made a response to his own video, and I was like "why would someone do that?" so I watched his reaction. I was bored through most of it, but at the very end he gets that "serious" tone and does a thank you, then silence... silence... "KITTY!" For some reason him shouting "Kitty" cracked me up.

That same night, I watched the entire series til 6am.
wow, the dedication is blinding!

i want to watch all the videos but 3 reasons are stopping me:
1.short attention span, i can't sit through something that long, even if it's the awesomest thing ever(curse ADD!)
2.if i stayed up that long, my mother would kill me(im fifteen, don't judge me)
3.i wouldn't live through school the next day
I watched all of them over 3 weeks. I watched around 4/5 a night and more on weekends which I think was about 25 mins a schoolnight so not bad! :)
My younger sister is/was a fan of Charlieissocoollike on youtube, and had me watch a few of his videos. In one of them, he was challenged to apply to become a knight, and when he wrote his letter doing so, he listed one of his qualifications as being a Nerdfighter, and thus being made of awesome. Later, I became curious, and googled "nerdfighter" which sent me to the Brotherhood 2.0 site and also the Ning, and I started watching.
oh yeah, and didn't he also redue Accio Deathly Hollows? i've seen all his videos.
i stumbled upon a few of their videos on youtube, and then i subscribed around the end of last year. during vacation i watched all their videos and joined the ning! :D
I saw one of their videos (I think it was Hank's 50 Jokes) in the videocracy list at, so I watched it and enjoyed it. Over the next while I casually watched some more of there stuff, but didn't get too into it until i started regularly watching the new videos. Then about 2 weeks ago, I got fed up with not getting a lot of references, so I went back and watched all the videos in a row over like 4 days.
oh, yeah! that one really got me.
I saw Accio Deathly Hallows on the front page of YouTube. I watched to over and over again it was just that good!
I showed it to everyone that would watch, even my mom, and a short time after that I went back and watched all the videos.

I think if I had not showed it to my mom and made her watch all the videos after that, she wouldn't have taken me to Plano TX to meet two guys I got to know over the internet. Lol.

Plus: The vlogbrothers was my first subscription on YouTube, I actually signed up just so I could comment on ADH and tell Hank how awesome he was.

And now all of my family and some close friends are honorary nerdfighters (they've watched a few videos and/or read John's books)
Reference from my friend. :D
I'm so boring like that.


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