my story is a little strange.

my friend, when she sleeps over, likes to write on me because it's funny. one time she wrote' paper towns' on my back. i asked her what that was and she told me about the book. and then, coinsidentily, i found an abandoned copy in my school. i remembered that my friend wrote it on my back, so Ii opened it up. i read the cover on the inside(i don't know why, but i like to know about the auther before i read it) and it said'go to' so i did. TADA!

so what i want to know is how you found out about the nerdfighters.

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i also got addicted due to the harry potter song, i watched a few videos and couldnt stay away.
Went on youtube, saw ADH on the front page, and watched.

But it wasn't ADH that hooked me. After that I saw that the same guy had made a response to his own video, and I was like "why would someone do that?" so I watched his reaction. I was bored through most of it, but at the very end he gets that "serious" tone and does a thank you, then silence... silence... "KITTY!" For some reason him shouting "Kitty" cracked me up.

That same night, I watched the entire series til 6am.
wow, the dedication is blinding!

i want to watch all the videos but 3 reasons are stopping me:
1.short attention span, i can't sit through something that long, even if it's the awesomest thing ever(curse ADD!)
2.if i stayed up that long, my mother would kill me(im fifteen, don't judge me)
3.i wouldn't live through school the next day
I watched all of them over 3 weeks. I watched around 4/5 a night and more on weekends which I think was about 25 mins a schoolnight so not bad! :)
My younger sister is/was a fan of Charlieissocoollike on youtube, and had me watch a few of his videos. In one of them, he was challenged to apply to become a knight, and when he wrote his letter doing so, he listed one of his qualifications as being a Nerdfighter, and thus being made of awesome. Later, I became curious, and googled "nerdfighter" which sent me to the Brotherhood 2.0 site and also the Ning, and I started watching.
oh yeah, and didn't he also redue Accio Deathly Hollows? i've seen all his videos.
i stumbled upon a few of their videos on youtube, and then i subscribed around the end of last year. during vacation i watched all their videos and joined the ning! :D
I saw one of their videos (I think it was Hank's 50 Jokes) in the videocracy list at, so I watched it and enjoyed it. Over the next while I casually watched some more of there stuff, but didn't get too into it until i started regularly watching the new videos. Then about 2 weeks ago, I got fed up with not getting a lot of references, so I went back and watched all the videos in a row over like 4 days.
oh, yeah! that one really got me.
I saw Accio Deathly Hallows on the front page of YouTube. I watched to over and over again it was just that good!
I showed it to everyone that would watch, even my mom, and a short time after that I went back and watched all the videos.

I think if I had not showed it to my mom and made her watch all the videos after that, she wouldn't have taken me to Plano TX to meet two guys I got to know over the internet. Lol.

Plus: The vlogbrothers was my first subscription on YouTube, I actually signed up just so I could comment on ADH and tell Hank how awesome he was.

And now all of my family and some close friends are honorary nerdfighters (they've watched a few videos and/or read John's books)
Reference from my friend. :D
I'm so boring like that.
A lot of friends had been talking about Vlogbrothers and how I should watch them. Finally one of them tuned into my laziness and emailed me a link. And here we are.


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